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Top 14 Best Shocks For F250/F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4

Buying the best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4 can be a daunting task as there is a myriad of options available. But with the right information, it becomes easy to choose from the best options available.

But with the right information, it becomes easy to choose from the best options available. Ford users can acknowledge that it’s important to have a good shock in their vehicle.

A good shock is needed mainly for its connection with the brake, especially as the vehicle performs its mechanical duties. Any issue in the shock can adversely affect the brake, and the result can be risky.

That is why we have listed some of the best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4, their features, pros, and cons to assist you when buying.


A Quick Look For Ford F250/F350 Shocks

BilsteinFits: 2005-2016Front
RanchoFits: 2005-2016Front & Back
Southwest SpeedFits: 2005-2013Rear
RanchoFits: 2005-2014Rear, Front
Fox RacingFits: 2005-2016Rear
Southwest SpeedFits: 1999-2004Rear
BilsteinFits: 2004-2015Rear
MonroeFits: 1999-2002Rear
SkyjackerFits: 2005-2016Front
BilsteinFits: 2003-2005‎Front

What Are The Best Shocks For F250 and F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4?

When you check the different options available, you’ll find that there are several options to choose from.

However, we consider Bilstein 5100 as the best shocks brand for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4 because of its amazing features.

This is particularly for the different features it offers, among which include its durability, easy and fast installation, and great performance.

Bilstein 5100 offers a very high gas pressure, which is good, especially in cases of overheating.

In addition, it comes with necessary nuts, bushings, and washers to make installation easy. The shocks stand out in many ways, and we advise getting them.

Why Bilstein 5100 is The Best Shocks Brand For F250/F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4?

Of all the different options available on the market, we consider Bilstein 5100 to be the best shock for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4, mainly its efficiency and how it has proven to be a remarkable option.

The shocks have a monotube that has been charged for durability, performance, and longevity, a feature that’s not available on every other option out there.

Regarding shocks, Bilstein is a leading name with different models that have broken the market space, and among these models is the Bilstein 5100, which will improve the handling of trucks for better rides.

14 Best Shocks For F250/F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4 on The Market

01. Bilstein 5100

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight of 25 pounds
  • Complete set of four shocks
  • Ideal for bad roads
  • The package includes washers, a brush, and nuts

This series has made it to the top spot on our list mainly because it works perfectly fine on every 4WD vehicle. The most noticeable feature of the shock is its monotube style design.

The 46-mm monotube makes it a lot easier to drive a vehicle with an increased level of confidence, knowing that the shocks will function smoothly and with increased efficiency.

Another interesting thing about the monotube is its ability to enhance the transfer of heat between the liquid and the shock.

In addition, the shock utilizes a digressive valve that minimizes shock fade to improve the performance of the vehicle.

This is for consistency and reliability for a smooth ride. The shocks can be utilized in any type of road condition or environment.

It comes in a set of 4 shocks, with all the mounting materials and nuts included. What’s more, is that the shocks are long-lasting and easy to install.


  • The shocks offer complete separation between fluid and gas
  • Designed for increased comfort & Excellent performance
  • Adaptive resistance


  • There are a few complaints about heating issues

02. Rancho RS9000XL

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect 350 vehicles
  • Suitable for 4WD
  • Supports a good weight load

The next shock on our list is a not-to-known brand with a lot of distinguishing features

There are different shocks with excellent quality from Rancho, and their products promise a high level of stability and performance.

Rancho RS9000XL is one of the leading models from this brand, with the shocks being suitable for every environment.

Driving with these shocks is possible in every environment, whether complex or plain. The shocks come with adjustable damping with 9 different positions.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from soft rides to firm rides. Another interesting feature about the shocks is their ability to store oil, implying zero shock fade.

Also, the shock utilizes a twin-tube design that allows it to offer low friction and resistance. That is why the shocks can easily adapt to different road conditions.


  • The shocks have adjustable dampening levels
  • Suitable for different road conditions
  • Offers low resistance & unmatched performance


  • The adjustment knob is not readable, which can cause inconvenience

03. Southwest Speed New Bilstein Shocks

Highlighted Features

  • Suited for f450 vehicles
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Remarkable dampers
  • Effective motion management

For people seeking to replace both their rear and front shocks, this is a remarkable brand to settle for.

Southwest Speed New Bilstein Shocks will allow you to replace your shocks and leave them looking new.

Interestingly, the shocks are designed to fit different types of super-duty vehicles. However, it’s better suited for f450 vehicles.

One of the distinguishing features of the shocks is that it comes with a control system that makes it easy for vehicles to move steadily.

Also, the shocks have dampers that further manage the motion of vehicles. The product comes with rear and front shocks because they are designed to work as a unit for excellent performance.

Whether the vehicle is a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, the shock is a perfect fit, and it comes with installation kits for easy and safe installation.


  • The shocks are affordable
  • Improves the safety of trucks
  • Made from durable materials


  • The shocks don’t completely remove vibrations

04. Rancho RS5000

Highlighted Features

  • Protective boot included
  • 10 stage velocity sensitive valve
  • Compatible with f250 and f350 4WD
  • Set of 4 shocks

Even though Rancho is not really a popular brand, they have different high-quality products on the market, and among these products is the RS5000.

For truck owners looking for shocks that will improve the performance of their vehicle, this is an option to settle with.

One fascinating thing is that this is the most popular product from Rancho, and it provides improved cushion, especially during off-road driving.

Rancho RS5000 shocks are designed to function maximally on different vehicles. Another interesting feature is that the shocks have different adjustable velocity-sensitive valves.

The valving changes automatically to suit different road conditions for a bump-free and smooth ride.

There’s no need to worry about oil levels with Rancho RS5000, thanks to the shock’s foam cell construction.

This is in addition to the heat dissipation system that ensures that the shock does not leak.


  • Optimally adjusted to suit different vehicles
  • The amazing heat dissipation system
  • One of the most durable products we found
  • Performance that beats imagination


  • We couldn’t identify any problem with this model

05. Fox 2.0

Highlighted Features

  • Roost shields and shock boots are separate
  • Monotube gas system
  • Factory shock mounting bolts included
  • Front and rear lift included

The next shock damper on our list is by Fox, and this is a shock absorber that can be used on f250 and f350 vehicles but was initially designed for f250 alone.

The functioning of this shock absorber is on a beastly level, and it offers a remarkable damping control which makes it the best option for off-road driving.

The shock is designed with an aluminum body which allows it to increase the heat dissipation and ultimately increase the lifetime of the shocks.

The key distinguishing feature of this model is its internal floating piston design. This design is to prevent air bubbles from sipping into the oil.

With this, the shocks can easily offer lesser vibrations and higher driving control.

The shocks aren’t only suited for off-road driving but can also be used effectively for light driving.

They are designed to provide unmatched handling and vibration-free driving.


  • Features a monotube design
  • Made from solid aluminum for lifetime use
  • All the internal components are made from sturdy materials
  • Ideal for off-road driving


  • There are cheaper options available

06. Southwest Speed New Bilstein 99-04

Highlighted Features

  • Monotube shock absorber
  • Better drive handling
  • Patented design to dampen vibration

Another product from Southwest Speed that’s designed for f250 and f350 heady duty vehicles. However, the shocks will work efficiently on most 4WD trucks.

This is also a monotube shock absorber for both rear and front wheels. Whether it’s placed on a van, SUV, or truck, it will offer optimum ride performance, increased comfort, and better driving handling.

For superior driving control, this is the best option to choose because it stands out compared to the other options available.

Another feature that allows this shock absorber to stand out is its patented design, which dampens vibrations. That is why the shocks can be easily used on any type of road surface.

In addition to these features, the shocks are easy to install, and it comes with all the nuts and bolt for fast installation. The vehicle only needs to be 4WD for the shocks to fit perfectly.


  • Patented design with better vibration dampers
  • Perfect for all 4WD vehicles
  • Ideal for different road surfaces
  • Increased comfort


  • The shocks are expensive

07. Bilstein (24-186025) 5100 Series

Highlighted Features

  • Patented digress valving
  • Ideal for f250 vehicles
  • High pressure dissipates heat quickly
  • Suspension design for heavy-duty vehicles

Here’s another product from Bilstein, but this model stands out for two distinguishing features – its monotube design and the patented digress valving it comes with.

The product was designed solely for f250 vehicles, but it also functions maximally when installed on f350 vehicles.

Bilstein 5100 series is designed for controlled, comfortable, and stable rides on different types of roads.

The shocks function with the same level of efficiency whether it’s used off- or on-road. It’s also effective for use in unloaded and loaded vehicles.

There’s nothing to worry about when using this shock. When it comes to pressure, the monotube design allows it to provide high pressures to easily and quickly dissipate heat.

This product has made it to our list because we admire its suspension technology which is designed particularly for heavy-duty vehicles.

What’s more, is that its parts are made from durable materials to allow the shocks last long.


  • Designed to last long
  • Increases ride efficiency and quality
  • Quick installation
  • Materials are coated with zinc for longevity


  • The shocks are prone to rusting with time

08. Monroe 34687

Highlighted Features

  • All-weather fluid included
  • Fluon banded piston
  • ASD technology for performance

Monroe is a popular name when it comes to producing high-performing shock absorbers in the market today.

One of the key things the brand is known for is its unrivaled level of consistency, which is why it has made it on our list of best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4.

There are currently different models from Monroe available on the market, and the fascinating thing is that each product is an improvement of a previous model.

The shocks have many features which make them ideal for f250 vehicles. Its level of performance is for unmatched driving comfort in all environments.

Another amazing feature is the modifier it comes with, which is to reduce friction to its barest minimum.

People can drive with an increased level of confidence with this shock. Durability and control are not an issue of concern with this shock.


  • It is one of the most affordable shocks available
  • Makes steering a lot easier
  • Designed for durability and top-notch functioning
  • Comes with a complete installation kit


  • Performance of the shocks can be worked on

09. Skyjacker H7091 H7060 Pairs

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs only 25 pounds
  • Shocks for front and rear wheels
  • Installation kit included

While we were reviewing the different products available, this shock from Skyjacker caught our attention because of how it has been engineered.

The responsiveness of this shock absorber when used off and on-road is simply the best. The stability and comfort of the shock are enhanced by the sensitive velocity valving system it features.

The shocks function with the same level of efficiency when used on smooth and rough terrains, regardless of the speed of the vehicle.

Skyjacker shocks are designed to ensure that there is contact between the tires of a vehicle and the road, irrespective of environmental conditions. The technologies that are incorporated into this product make it worth buying.

It comes as a complete kit, with four shocks, nuts, bushings, and washers included for fast and hassle-free installation.

In addition, there are also made from the best quality materials, unlike other products on the market.


  • Easily maintains contact between tires and road surface
  • Sensitive velocity valving system for increased comfort and stability
  • Suitable for different 4×4 heavy duty vehicles
  • Comes with bushings, nuts, and washers


  • There are no complaints about the product

10. Bilstein 33-187297

Highlighted Features

  • Stability and comfort for vehicles
  • Perfect for different roads
  • Vibration free rides

We are not done with the products from Bilstein, and here’s another option that has made it to our list. Bilstein is mostly known for producing products that assure customer satisfaction.

There are only a few negative feedbacks about the different Bilstein products on the market, as opposed to the tons of positive feedback on different platforms.

Like most of the other Bilstein brands, Bilstein 33-187297 offers tremendous stability and comfort to heavy-duty vehicles. It also includes the monotube design that you’ll find on different shock absorbers.

A shock is a perfect option for use in different road conditions, and its dampening quality is for vibration-free rides through smooth and rough road conditions.

Whether it’s f250 or f350, what’s certain is that the efficiency of the shocks will always beat our expectations.


  • Designed to improve ride efficiency and quality
  • The shocks have a fine appearance & sensitive to velocity
  • The perfect option for heavy-duty vehicles


  • The shocks are rather pricy

11. Rough County N3

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces vibration and bump speed
  • Easy bolt-on mounting
  • Improves handling and control
  • Offers the perfect blend of stability and performance

For shocks that will make driving feel like flying, Rouch County N3 shock absorbers are a top pick.

There’s nothing like vibration when it comes to these shocks because they have been built to bring vibration to the barest minimum.

The shocks are also designed to ensure it’s easy to avoid steering of bumps. When viewed with respect to its performance, Rough County shock absorbers will also be perfect to pick.

We haven’t said much about the piston rod in the other options we mentioned earlier, but the piston rod in Rough County is something we can’t ignore.

It plays a key role in allowing the shocks to dampen vibration, regardless of the driving terrain.

In addition to these amazing features, this is a shock that can be used for as long as possible with the certainty that it won’t fail anytime soon.


  • Piston is made from rust-resistant materials
  • Sturdy stabilizers designed to reduce bump vibration
  • Enhanced driving control


  • A few users have complained about the product not being long-lasting

12. Detroit Axle

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for heavy duty vehicles
  • Complete shocks segs
  • Monotube system

This is also not a popular brand when it comes to shock absorbers, but it’s a product that has proven to be a nice option for f250 and f350 heavy-duty vehicles.

Although it was initially designed for use on 1999 to 2004 vehicles, a lot of people now use it on more recent vehicles, and the shocks still function to their full potential.

But what makes this shock worthy of our list? The shock has been tested for fatigue, and wear, following different types of impact, and this is to ensure its durability and ensure high quality.

All its components have met all the laid down standards for heavy-duty vehicles. It also comes with complete kits and shocks for both rear and front wheels.


  • Designed for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Made from high quality material
  • Perfect for old and recent vehicles


  • Performance may not be the best, and there are better options on the market

13. SENSEN 3062

Highlighted Features

  • 4,000 miles without filling
  • Sleek design and appearance
  • Optimum driving comfort and performance

Here’s another product that has made it to our list of best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4.

Like all the other products above, this brand also offers optimum driving performance, comfort, and efficiency when used on different terrains or environments.

For people who like products with sleek and smooth designs, this is an option to settle with, as its appearance is one of the sleekest available.

The exterior part of the shocks is powder-coated, which allows them to function for an extended period.

People who have the shocks installed in their vehicle use them for more than 4,000 miles without filing.


  • Sleek design and appearance
  • Suitable for different terrains
  • Improves driving performance


  • Not so easy to install

14. ECCPP Shocks for Ford

Highlighted Features

  • Made from thick steel reinforced with zinc and chrome
  • No extra modification required
  • Durable gas shock absorber
  • Shocks for rear and front wheels included

This is the last product on our list of best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4. It’s an ideal choice for people who want to replace the front shocks of their vehicles.

The product is also perfect for those who want a gas shock absorber that will stand the test of time.

For a sturdy design, ECCPP shock absorbers are undoubtedly a product to consider. It is made from thick and strong steel, reinforced with zinc and chrome.

The shocks are easy to install, and there won’t be a need for extra modifications for them to fit properly.

Conditions that will require replacement with this shock absorber include wear on the tire tread, oil leakage, poor driving performance, or when a vehicle sinks on a bad road or due to a heavy load.


  • Strong and durable
  • Perfect replacement shock for front wheels
  • Sleek design


  • Only suitable for front wheels and won’t be an ideal replacement for rear wheels

best shocks for f250 super duty diesel 4x4

Photo Credit; wikipedia.org, C.C

Choosing Factors Before You Buy

Buying shocks for your heavy-duty vehicles requires a lot of considerations to be made, and in many cases, it may be difficult for one to select the most appropriate for a vehicle.

Apart from the fact that there are so many things to consider before buying, there are also so many options available on the market.

It’s due to these buying complexities that we decided to come up with a list of 14 products we consider to be the best.

However, many people will still prefer to choose a shock themselves. In such a case, it’s always important to know the things to look out for and how to make an informed decision.

To help you select the best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4, we have outlined all the features we considered while coming up with our list. These features include the following:

01. Installation Ease

When choosing a shock for your heavy-duty diesel 4×4 vehicle, one of the most important things to ensure is that its installation will not be difficult.

It can be rather frustrating to get shocks, only to come and spend so much time trying to install it. The ideal thing is for the shocks to be easy to install, even for novices.

To confirm whether the installation process will be easy, the first thing to check is whether the shock comes with a kit to make things easy.

Ideally, the kit should contain springs, protective boots, nuts, and bushings. With a complete kit, the shocks will be easy to install, even with the aid of regular home tools.

Interestingly, most of the products we have mentioned above come with a complete set of an installation kits to make things easy.

02. Type of Driving

The next thing to consider before choosing a shock to get is the type of driving it will be subjected to. In general, shocks can be grouped as monotube and twin-tube shock absorbers.

The ideal choice for off-road driving and other adventurous driving is monotube shock absorbers.

On the other hand, the twin-tube shock absorbers are a better choice for minimal off-road driving and regular day-to-day driving.

When buying shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4, considering the type of driving will ensure that you are able to select a product that will suit your need.

03. Weight and Dimension

Although we didn’t say much about weight and dimension while describing each of the options above, it’s equally an important thing to pay attention to.

What is the right weight and dimension to select when buying shocks for f250 or f350 vehicles? In general, the ideal weight should be around 30 pounds or even less.

A higher weight may not fit appropriately into the vehicle. In addition, the ideal dimension to choose should not be more than 30 x 5 x 5.

The dimension can be higher, but the important thing is to ensure that the weight does not go above 30 pounds, as it can alter performance.

04. Size of Tires and Car Lift

The size of the tires and the car lift are also important considerations to make. Ideally, a shock absorber that will cause an increase in the lift of a vehicle or lower its center of gravity should be higher powered.

The ideal option to choose for a car that is lifted is a monotube shock absorber. This is because it will provide the designed firmness and stability, even when the car is moving at a very high speed.

05. Velocity Sensitive Valving

This is a feature that most manufacturers specify when listing the features of their shocks. The velocity system of shocks usually has different stages.

To identify which is better, it’s best to go for a shock that has nothing less than a ten0 stage velocity sensing valving system.

The importance of this is that it helps to improve the stability of the truck by bringing vibrations to the barest minimum, thereby increasing the comfort level of the vehicle.

By no means should anyone settle for a velocity-sensitive valving that is less than 10-stages, as it won’t provide optimum performance?

06. Tow Purposes/Heavy Duty

People use their heavy-duty vehicles for different reasons. While a few people use them for luxury purposes, a vast majority of heavy-duty vehicles owners use them to lift heavy loads and even for towing other vehicles.

Shock absorbers are designed to meet different purposes, and depending on what you use your vehicle for, you’ll need to ensure that the shock you get is ideal.

This is because the level of stability that each shock absorber provides is different, and they are designed to serve different purposes.

While some are perfect for off-road driving, you’ll find other shock absorbers that are only suited for light off-road driving.

07. Terrains and Riding Style

As mentioned earlier, the intended purpose the vehicle is to serve should be the main determining factor of the shock absorber to buy.

In addition to that, the terrains and riding style should also influence the type of shock absorber to buy.

In general, the ideal shock absorber should not be a factor that will limit the riding style.

To identify this, the main thing to check is whether the shock can easily adapt to different kinds of terrains and damping factors.

Do not hesitate to check for other options if a shock is only suitable for use in certain terrains or under certain riding conditions. The shock absorber should not affect the riding style in any way.

08. Desired Look

This may not seem like a key consideration to make when buying shocks for a heavy duty vehicle, but for most drivers, it’s a vital aspect to consider.

For people who want to maintain a certain look on their vehicle, the appearance of the shock is a key consideration.

Some of the shock absorbers we have mentioned above have a sleek and aesthetically appealing appearance.

09. Budget

The last thing to consider when buying shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4 is the budget.

Shock absorbers come with different features, and you’ll find the most recent suspension technology in some of them.

In general, those with more features tend to be more expensive compared to others with fewer features.

For people on a budget, there are also options that are a lot cheaper yet high-performing.

The main thing to do is to align your budget with the different options available when buying shocks for your heavy duty vehicle.

For people who like to drive on-road and off-road, getting a twin-tube shock will help save cost and also function efficiently.

Common FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the best shocks for f250 &f350 super duty diesel 4×4:

01. What Are The Effects of Shocks on Tires?

Many people usually ask whether shocks have any effect on tires and how they affect tires. The main effect of shocks on the tires is with respect to their cooling capacity.

If the shocks become overheated, it will only be a matter of time before it starts to melt the tires.

With that, the tire will need a quick replacement, which will only be more expensive. That is why emphasis is made on the cooling system of shocks.

02. What Are The Functions of Shocks on F250 & F350?

As the name suggests, they are designed to help in absorbing shocks when used on different terrains and with different driving styles.

Shocks help in providing an increased level of comfort, control, and stability. Whenever they are worn out, driving becomes difficult and can even lead to different life-threatening situations.

03. What Type of Shock is Best Suited For F250 and F350?

There are so many options available on the market to choose from, and we have also outlined 14 different options above.

The main features that will determine which is best for your vehicle include driving conditions and terrain.

Shocks come with different specifications, which is why some work better when used off-road, others are ideal for on-road use, and others are perfect for both driving conditions.

In addition, some of these shocks have a monotube system, while others come with a twin tubing system.

All of these are the factors that will determine which shock will be better suited for your f250 and f350 super diesel duty 4×4 vehicle.

04. When Should I Change My Shocks?

Another point of concern among most drivers is respect for how often they should change their shocks. There are two instances that will require one to change their shocks.

The first instance is with respect to lifting the vehicle. People lift their vehicle to increase the distance between the axle and mounting point, but this can cause stability issues, and a reliable shock will solve this problem.

Another instance where a shock will need to be changed is if it gets worn out following repeated use.

There are a couple of ways to check whether a shock is getting worn out or not. The most common way is to check whether the car bounces when in motion.

Another indicator that a shock may need to be replaced is if there’s leaking fluid. Shocks have seals, but they are prone to wear with time, thereby causing leakages.

In addition, to know when to change shocks, it’s also important to know how often they need to be changed.

Like other vehicle parts and systems, they require maintenance and, after a while, will need to be replaced.

Experts advise that the best time to change the shocks of a vehicle is after it has covered 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, this will also depend on other factors, including wear and tear.


There is no doubt that all the 14 best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel 4×4 that we have listed above have amazing features and advantages.

Although some of them have certain disadvantages, it doesn’t overrule the fact that they are the best options available.

Among these options, we have selected Bilstein 5100 to be the overall best, not only for its amazing features but also for its increased performance, cutting-edge technology, and great design.

The shocks will undoubtedly improve the handling of any f250 or f350 vehicle.

Other options include brands like Rancho, Fox, Rough County, Monroe, and Skyjacker. These are all high-performing shocks for f250/f350 vehicles.