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The F150 3 Inch Lift Before and After For an Upgraded Look

The leveling kit for a Ford F150 3-inch lift gives every truck owner an opportunity to boldly face the road.

One of the most basic modifications for trucks is a lift, and its popularity is provided by a reason that goes beyond aesthetics.

In this article, a deeper look into the necessity and how-to’s of the F150 3inch lift are explored to help curios decide if they need the F150 3-inch leveling kit and how they can have it.


A Table of F150 Lift Kit

MOTOFAB LIFTS 3 inch, Front
KSP PERFORMANCE 3", Front; Fits 2004-19
FLYCLE 3", Front, Rear; Fits 2004-19
AKM 3" Front & 2" Rear; Fits 2004-18
MOTOFAB LIFTS 3" Front, Rear; Fits 2004-14
YITAMOTOR 3" Front & 2" Rear; Fits 2004-18
Richeer 3" Front & 2" Rear; Fits 2004-19

Why And When Do You Need A 3-Inch Lift on Your Ford F150?

A 3-inch leveling kit on your Ford F150 is what enables a more sufficient and smoother ride for your on and off-road needs.

Though it does allow the vehicle to achieve a more rugged, tough look, it can also provide functions necessary in rough areas.

Lifts will give any car have higher ground clearance.

This helps the driver gain better visibility on the road and supplies better angling for departures, approaches, and break over, effectively minimizing damages for any terrain.

Its suspension prepares the vehicle for heavy-load towing and snow plowing.

The 3-inch lift, in particular, offers an ample solution for those who think that a lift modification is what’s missing on their Ford.

It gives space for tires up to 35 inches while maintaining the right height for the vehicle.

It becomes a perfect compromise to have the benefits of lifts without the worry of being too tall for any underpass.

Even with just mere 3 inches, a vehicle will lessen its challenge against the wind.

The added suspension can change the aerodynamics of a car, which causes an increase in the drag and turbulence of trucks, effectively lowering their gas mileage.

With a 3-inch lift on a Ford F150, you will be able to make the truck safer, stronger, and smarter.

Learn About F150 3 Inch Lift Before and After

Before The Installation of The F150 3-Inch Lift


01. Vehicle Performance Stays Consistent

Lifting a truck means affecting its overall mechanical integrity.

In other words, the vehicle’s factory specs will be altered.

Once done, the driver may encounter a noticeable difference in the ride.

This type of change may be welcomed for the more experienced truck modders, but it doesn’t always bide well for others, especially for beginners.

The modification will change the truck’s handling, making turns a little harder and possibly increasing the risk of a rollover.

02. A Quiet And Comfortable Ride

Once the vehicle is lifted, it will also call for a change in tires.

In fact, many truck owners specifically seek lifts to try on bigger tires that would fit rough terrain.

However, bigger tires don’t equal a more comfortable ride; it’s quite the opposite.

While it fits off-road, riders will notice that the tires are loud, and the ride becomes uncomfortable, especially when the truck moves faster on the highway.

If you’re already used to and more in favor of the quality of your unmodded truck’s ride, then you may not need that 3-inch lift.

03. Fuel Efficiency

Sticking to what you already have makes sure that your wallet doesn’t lose weight, and this is especially true for your truck in the long term.

Once the lift is installed, the weight, rolling resistance, and drag are all increased.

This, in turn, causes the driver to spend more on gas.

With the truck as it is, fuel economy is something that is less to be worried about.


01. Limited Abilities

Without this modification, the capabilities of a truck will be limited to what factories have designed it to be.

For an all-around driver, this could waste potential for better and possibly important use.

A lift gives a vehicle the ability to carry out hard tasks, such as towing heavy loads.

Without a lift, a car’s use cannot address a person’s heavy-duty needs.

02. Lesser Durability Against Rough Roads

The suspension brought lifts of at least 3 inches helps the vehicle earn the advantage in facing the tough obstacles towards one’s destination.

Bumps and road potholes won’t easily bring damage to the truck anymore.

So without this advantage, prepare to be more careful during the drive.

03. A Lower Range of Sight

As one can tell, a lift is going to affect the overall height of the vehicle, and what this could do for people in the passenger seat is offer a wider range for the sight.

However, suppose a truck doesn’t have this benefit.

In that case, the driver will not achieve a better field of vision, obstructing chances to see oncoming traffic or any road problems that may come up ahead sooner than expected.

This could possibly place all the vehicle’s passengers in harm’s way.

04. Common Appearance

This problem could be minute for the everyday drive.

But some vehicle enthusiasts can’t deny that there is importance in the form just as there is in the function.

The 3-inch lift movies your Ford F150 a less common appearance, helping your truck have a better sense of distinction among the hundreds of thousands of Ford F150s out there.

So, if one were to opt-out of this mod, this type of personal customization wouldn’t be available.

After The Installation of The F150 3-Inch Lift


01. Ready For Any Road Conditions

By installing the 3inch lift leveling kit, the truck will be able to afford the ground clearance needed to face the tough obstacles in the road ahead.

The added height makes the vehicle ready for the off-road terrain, be it rain or shine.

Furthermore, as the lift gives room for bigger tires, the driver will be able to experience better traction and overall greater performance in relatively difficult terrain.

The driver will be able to face steep heights, road damage, and tracks with little to no effort.

02. Added Ability For Towing

A drastic change that comes with a lift is the general change of a truck’s dimensions.

This change gives higher ground clearance and an increased center of gravity.

And with that added benefit comes the ability to tow as the vehicle is given a wider area to sage once it takes on loads.

As such, what this does is simply give the truck better endurance for towing.

03. A Farther View

Height will always bring an advantage, especially in an environment that requires a careful eye and quick time responses.

On any road, you need any advantage that you could find to maximize the safety of you and your passengers.

Hence, with the added height of a lift, the driver can see farther than what the truck’s original form could offer.


01. Spend More Than Just The Installation

Think again if you think that the installation alone is the only time a lift brings a dent in your wallet.

With the lift, best expect some more maintenance costs.

Due to the larger tires that are usually purchased along with a lift kit, bigger problems arise.

For one, there will be faster wear out.

According to Motorweek, improper installation alignment will wear everything from the tires to the steering components.

Furthermore, the tires will give more heat to the brakes.

So, if you’re ready to pay for the leveling kit, be ready to pay more than that.

02. Harder To Maneuver

Thanks once again to the added tires, the vehicle’s steering will also be an affected factor.

The new dimensions and the bigger wheels will make it harder to take turns, forcing you to minimize the speeding.

This change will also cause lesser stability on the car itself once its corners.

For the usual ride, it may not stand as a significant problem.

But, in emergencies, there will be more harm than good.

03. No Longer Friendly For The Family

This disadvantage becomes a significant issue to the parents out there who are looking to get a lift.

Thanks to the new height of a vehicle, children and the elderly will need some help getting inside and outside of the truck, making it a hassle for everybody.

A lift will take away the family-friendly quality of the vehicle, and it may even force families to purchase a separate mode of transportation.

04. Damages Aren’t Covered in Warranties

Car modifications often pose damaging factors to a vehicle if it is not installed properly.

With this in mind, companies decided that any damage brought by the installation of an alteration will not be covered, especially if it is not under the manufacturer’s recommendation.


 If bought from Amazon, there are Ford F150 3-inch leveling kits that are in the reasonable price range of $50 to $100 without sacrificing the overall product reliability.


Just like with any vehicle modification, the time it takes to install depends on the experience and expertise of the installer.

For professionals, installing the leveling kits can take from 5 to 7 hours.

For the everyday driver, it may take up to two days if done rightfully and carefully.


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Vehicle jacks
  3. Jack stands
  4. Lug wrench
  5. Torque wrench
  6. Socket wrench

Step By Step Guide on Installing An F150 3-Inch Lift


Begin by jacking your vehicle up. Place it safely on the jack stands with the lower control arms bolt up.

This allows the ample stability and height needed for the operation.

Be sure to check the rear wheel to ensure that the truck stays perfectly upright and in place.


The next is to disassemble to front steering portion of the vehicle to start the proper assemble.

First, remove the wheels and tires.


What comes apart next are the wirings behind the wheel.

Take off the ABS sensor wiring, the supports for the brake hose, and the brake line bracket.


On the driver’s side of the vehicle, remove the sway bar.

This can be done by grabbing an eight mil and 18 mil for the top and knock, respectively.

Once done, it will be easy to remove the upper ball joint, tie rod, and then the strut.


Next is to unseat each of the ball joints.

Remember that ball joints may best need an impact to avoid torque on the joint itself.

Unfasten the top, which covers the ball joints, then hit its casing.


Proceed with taking the CV axle by detaching the dust cap.

This part may need more effort and patience with the age of the vehicle.

New trucks tend to keep their dust cap tighter than the older ones.

Once off, use an impact to take the middle nut off.

It’s best not to that once you’re done with the whole procedure and reassembly starts, do not use the impact to bring the middle nut back on.


Undo the strap found in the bottom and undo the three bolts for the strut-up.

The third bolt found in the rear will be taken off the engine’s top, which can be done easily by utilizing extensions for the wrench to sneak through the gaps reaching it far down.

For the other two bolts, simply use a ratcheting wrench.


Detach the strut and hammer out the two studs found at its bottom.

Then, simply mount the lift spacer on its top.


Now, put it all together by putting the strut back into place.

Position it, so it’s angled to be inserted into the top and simply tightly screw the bolts back in.


Place the CV axle back into the knuckle, lift it up, and then set the wires, ball joint, and tires back into their original places.

Is A 3-Inch Lift Worth it– Our Opinion?

What we really can say is that it depends on your needs.

Suppose it’s for the mod enthusiasts and/or the drivers who expect to encounter rough roads ahead.

In that case, this lift is definitely worth the money.

However, if you’re looking for efficiency then it might not be the best choice, especially for the simple, everyday driver who mostly stays in the comforts of the predictable road.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of sacrifices in installing this lift kit.

Time and money will be consumed, especially in the long term.

So if the journey calls for it, it is definitely worth it.

Related Questions

How Much Does Professional Installation Cost?

If the Ford F150 is to be installed by an expert, it will be double the cost to install it personally.

The price will range from $800 to $8,000.

Is It Possible For 35-Inch Tires To Fit in A Ford F15o?

With the 3-inch lift kit, a Ford F150 will have the right height to comfortably and safely fit tires that are up to the size of 35 inches.

Is A Leveling Kit Difficult To Install?

Installing the Ford f150 3inch lift leveling kit isn’t too complicated.

It may even be considered simple compared to other car modifications.

Still, it is a process that affects the mechanization of a vehicle, so careful observation of the instructions is absolutely necessary.

Will The Leveling Kit Wear The Ball Joints Out?

As mentioned before, lifts will cost more than without, and it’s mostly because of how it will affect the vehicle in the long term.

The ball joints will be worn out, and it will have an even shorter life span if the kit isn’t installed properly.

What is The Appropriate Size For A Lift?

There is a general rule when it comes to lifting a truck: the bigger the truck, the more fuel it burns.

With the added burdens brought by a lift, gas usage becomes significantly impacted.

Thus, it is best to find what is enough rather than the biggest.

A lift of around 4 inches should suffice.

The Verdict

Off-road drives are sure to be overwhelming and intimidating, especially with the truck’s safety in mind.

While being able to address this problem, Lift kits can also be too much in urban life.

Yet, with the 3-inch lift kit for the Ford F150, it presents a simple solution that accommodates both the wild and comfortable rides.