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Top 13 Best Half Doors For Jeep JK – A Complete Buying Guide & Reviews in 2022

Are you searching for the best half door for Jeep JK? Then you’ve found the right article.

Half doors are the key to enjoying an open-air ride while still enjoying the security of functional doors.

Jeep JK half doors offer an enhanced line of sight to make any trip an unforgettable experience.

Feel the wind rushing and spot tricky obstacles easier with one smart addition to your vehicle. You can keep your passengers safe and offer them the best experience!

A Table of Top Best Half Doors For Jeep JK [Updated 2022]

EAGFits: 07-18
Hooke RoadFits: 07-18
‎EAGFits: 07-18
ARIESFits: Jeep Wrangler JL
EAGFits: 07-18
BestopFits: 07-18
Hooke RoadFits: 07-18
EAGFits: 07-18
ARIESFits: Jeep Wrangler JK
Body ArmorFits: 97-06

What Are The Best Half Doors for Jeep JK?

The brand that stands out for producing the best half doors for Jeep JK is EAG.

With unique features that make customers fall in love at first sight, the EAG JJKTD000 lets you enjoy the wind rushing through your Jeep as adrenaline rushes through your veins in the most amazing open-air driving experience.

Apart from that, the brand is known for its professionalism, making safety a priority for all its products.

Its Jeep JK half doors have not only a flawless function but also an impressive aspect, offering the whole package!

Why EAG is The Best Jeep Tube Door?

From its durable materials to its easy installation and safety mechanisms, EAG JJKTD000 balances comfort and safety perfectly in a unique design.

Sturdy side mirrors are incorporated in the half dorr to improve vision, so even road trips become a safe option for your next trip.

The brand adds a heavy-duty locking latch that ensures the easiest installation process, as well as prevents accidents.

Moreover, factory bolts can be used with the new tubular doors due to the built-in door hinge mount.

To add even more benefits to all these, the brand offers durable steel construction with a textured powder coat finish.

Top 13 Best Half Doors For Jeep JK Reviews

01. EAG JJKTD000 – Best Jeep JK Half Doors


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable side mirrors
  • Steel construction
  • Direct installation
  • Safari design
  • Fit for 2007-2018 Jeep JK
  • Locking latch

When it comes to EAG, you are sure to get the highest quality without sacrificing aesthetics.

These half-doors come to be the best option for adventurers who are looking to carve their path both in and outside the road!

What makes these the best half doors for Jeep JK is the professionalism of their construction. Get a fresh, rugged look and enjoy driving at its fullest on a sunny day!

The tube doors provide a safari experience that’s safe even offroad. Children will certainly be amazed, and adults will discover the joy of fresh air and sunlight on their skin.

Moreover, installing these doors will not give you headaches. The heavy-duty locking latch is incorporated into every door, sparing you time and effort.

To add to this system, the incorporated hinge mounts allow you to mount the pieces into the factory door using factory bolts.

Finally, these half doors come with large size mirrors to improve vision at all times.


  • Nice wielding
  • Hinges can be adjusted for a tighter fit
  • Great fit


  • No installation instructions

02. HOOKE ROAD LED-BXG-036A+LED-BXG-036B-1 – Best Jeep JK Tube Doors


Highlighted Features 

  • Mounting hardware & user manual
  • Fitted for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler 4 doors
  • Premium E-coating
  • Corrosion protection
  • 5/32 steel
  • Bolt-on installation

Hooke Road comes second in the run for the best Jeep JK tube doors. With an off-road design, rust resistance, and overall heavy-duty construction, these half doors won’t be the source of your disappointment.

The main structure is covered in a premium E-coat that has both decorative and functional purposes. It offers the doors powerful corrosion protection while enhancing their aspect.

Also, to gain customers’ trust, the bumpers have been subjected to the salt spray test, proving to last up to 100 hours.

Last but not least, the kit comes with a user manual and installing hardware to make your life easier.

The bolt-on installation provides a direct replacement of factory doors, so the whole process shouldn’t take more than an hour.


  • Safe for children
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for off-road


  • Rattling often appears

03. EAG ‎51-0381


Highlighted Features

  • Side view, military-grade mirrors
  • ⅛ steel material
  • Matrix design
  • Waterproof nylon web
  • Direct mounting

Like so many incredible brands before it, EAG doesn’t stop at one amazing set of half doors.

The 51-0381 kit surely offers one of the best half doors for Jeep JK, competing against other unique designs.

It comes with stable side mirrors and a ridiculously cool matrix design that gives any car a modern, fresh look.

Most Jeep JK half doors come with a level of rattling. EAG makes sure to keep this level to a minimum, including door hinges to directly mount the tubular doors and durable locking latches.

For a rattle-free installation, make sure to follow the tips found on their website. Make sure the door frame is lined with the doors by loosening the latch hardware.

Another feature highly appreciated by customers is the smart, efficient design that only looks amazing but also plays an important part in improving the function of these half doors.

It increases the field of view and protects against debris and dirt. The matrix is constructed using a waterproof nylon web, so you can enjoy your off-road drive safely.


  • Minimal rattle
  • Incredible look
  • Secure & stout latch assembly


  • Disappointing customer service

04. ARIES 2500200 – Best Jeep Tube Doors


Highlighted Features

  • Hardened aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight
  • Rain & dirt resistant
  • Textured powder coat
  • Offroad look

ARIES is the brand that will offer you an incomparable offroad experience. Compatible with both Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator, these deserve to be on our top for the best jeep tube doors.

The brand offers a no-trill, direct-fit installation, so even a beginner will do the job quickly.

To start with, the durable aluminum alloy gives the half doors high structural integrity, as well as corrosion-resistant properties.

The material adds strength and removes weight at the same time, resulting in lightweight yet dependable construction.

What’s also amazing about this rear set is that the textured powder coating protects against any kind of weather, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable drive at any time.

The coating has even been put through salt spray tests to prove its efficiency. Even more, it has the magic ability to hide minor scratches.


  • Custom-fit
  • Great cutout pattern
  • Rust-free


  • This kit only includes rear doors

05. EAG JJKTD002


Highlighted Features

  • Improved Welding
  • Tubular construction
  • Increased visibility
  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door
  • Solid materials

These Jeep JK tube doors have a unique, high-quality feel that simply impresses customers from their first view.

They are a great fit, and the solid construction gives a valuable sense of safety.

Both latch and raddle adjustability are a breeze, and the final results of the complex installation process are surely worth it!

Make your trip to the beach an unforgettable experience! These half doors allow you to feel the sunlight on your skin and enjoy the breeze without putting anyone at risk.

A new level of freedom can be achieved due to weather-resistant matrix design. It’s the safest solution for a perfect adventure as an offroad enthusiast.

When it comes to manufacturing, the durable ⅛ steel sheet, combined with wall steel tubing and powder coat finish, creates the highest functionality.

However, keep in mind that the set is only fitted for Jeep JK 2007-2018 2-door. A final, extra touch is given by the incorporated side windows.


  • Adjustable raddle
  • Stainless parts
  • Excellent resistance even in a humid climate


  • Difficult to install

06. BESTOP 51730-01


Highlighted Features

  • OEM-quality straps
  • Front core doors
  • Cast-aluminum material
  • Further customization available
  • Extra security due to locking latch

BESTOP is a trusted brand known for its Jeep Wrangler soft tops and hardtops. However, it seems like it can deliver more than one exceptional product.

Adding one of the best half doors for Jeep JK in their repertory, BESTOP gives its customers another reason to love its creations.

What sets these Jeep JK half doors apart is their perfect fit with a twill soft top.

All offroad passionate appreciate an amazing soft top, and it’s clear that matching half doors are simply the cherry on top. They even look like factory doors!

Another great feature is the removable center panel that adds even more freedom and an improved open-air experience.

Create an all-season fit with a sleek interior and forget all about the classic, restricting Jeep doors.

Moreover, further customization is available, so you can add your creative spark to the vehicle.


  • Great concept
  • Removable center panel
  • Perfect match for soft tops


  • Powerful plastic smell



Highlighted Features

  • OE style latch
  • Bolt-on setup
  • Front & Rear door set
  • Includes hardware kit
  • Sturdy construction
  • Instructions included

Founded in 2014 and growing to become a professional aftermarket retailer, HOOKE is a great choice when it comes to the best Jeep JK tube doors.

Its mission is to make your vehicle safer, faster, and more attractive. These Jeep half doors will provide more adrenaline and more security at the same time.

They are the perfect hybrid when it comes to safety on an open-air, offroad experience. Travel with peace of mind on any roads or off them while enjoying the fresh air of nature.

Even more, it’s almost impossible to miss these half doors, as their bold look catches anyone’s eyes from the first view.

Another amazing feature provided by this set is the increased visibility that allows you to master even the toughest trails.

When it comes to offroad, this plays a crucial part in your safety. Finally, the E-coat offers rust resistance, so time will not be cruel to these impressive half-doors.


  • Fast installation
  • Wonderful packaging
  • Fitted for Wrangler Sport


  • Not compatible with factory mirrors

08. EAG JJKTD005


Highlighted Features

  • Spider web design
  • Military-grade mirrors included
  • The quick, forward assembly
  • Perfect fit for 07-18 Wrangler
  • Only compatible with Jeep 4-door

By now, you’ve probably become familiar with EAG and all its incredible features.

The military-grade side view windows that are included in amazing packaging and the durable steel construction are just some examples of the classic EAG benefits.

What makes these Jeep half doors stand out is their ability to turn heads and attract everyone’s compliments. It’s impossible not to get all the attention when you take your Jeep for a ride.

The design is inspired by a spider web and it’s not far from its functions. Durable and with an unbelievably cool aspect, it prevents any objects from falling out of the car, even on the bumpiest road.

Moreover, the side windows can be folded away to provide enough space in any circumstance. They come with high-impact ABS housing, so their functionality is not affected by any weather condition.

The large dimensions offer a clear view, while the bolt-on installation ensures no shaking takes place.


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Prevents objects from falling
  • Unique look


  • Poor quality latches

09. ARIES 25009



Highlighted Features

  • Aggressive cutout pattern
  • 100% TIG welds
  • T6 aluminum alloy
  • Snug, custom fit
  • Full application

The reviews only are enough to convince you that ARIES makes some of the best half doors for Jeep JK.

Loved and appreciated by its customers, the brand comes up with newer, better products every year.

This set of half doors is not only stylish but also lightweight and efficient, including useful accessories and details to make your life easier.

What contributes to its functionality is the open design that lets you enjoy the breeze while keeping all passengers safe.

The hardened aluminum construction is the key to its lightweight and easy installation. Available for both and Rear, the half doors come with a no-drill setup.

Additionally, the material is welded with TIG welds that offer a perfect, snug fit.

Last but not least, the quality coating offers the last layer that gives superior strength and resistance against rain, scratches, and debris.


  • Include door locks & keys
  • Straps & rubber bumpers included
  • Accessible latches from both inside and outside


  • The door straps won’t fit over the factory hooks

10. BODY ARMOR 4X4 TJ-6137


Highlighted Features 

  • TJ & TJL
  • Tubular design
  • UV resistant door webbing sleeves
  • GEN 3 half doors
  • Strengthened with 3/16 speed gusset plates

What describes BODY ARMOR are the words heavy-duty and impressive, tactical look.

They are one of the most famous brands known for creating the best Jeep JK tube doors due to special gusset plates and smartly-designed door webbing.

The durability of these amazing Jeep JK half doors is due to quality steel tubing and extra speed gusset plates added to strengthen the construction.

The Cordura material from the webbing sleeves protects against radiation, while the nylon strap from the webbing itself adds a much-needed feeling of safety on an offroad trip.

What impresses customers is the newly incorporated foam pad that creates a comfortable place to rest your arm on.

Moreover, the doors come with adjustable hinges, so an easy, bolt-on installation is assured.


  • Tactical look
  • Nice foam pad added to the webbing
  • Comfortable to rest your arm on


  • The bolts are too long to fit the latch
  • Confusing instructions

11. MAIKER 16736-005


Highlighted Features

  • Made for 4 door Jeep JK 07-18
  • Equipped with side mirrors
  • Factory style lock assembly
  • Unique star design
  • Full set provided

By now, you’ve probably had an idea about the main features of any quality half door for Jeep JK. Let’s revise them again by carefully analyzing MAIKER 16736-005.

This set comes with a sturdy design, thick powder coating, and OE hinges to offer you the best offroad experience.

These incredible Jeep JK tube doors come with full functions. They give your vehicle a unique, modern look that will attract anyone’s eyes on the road.

Apart from their aspect, these doors are the perfect way to expand your field of view and enjoy the nature around you, all while staying safe.

To add even more benefits, MAIKER includes side-view mirrors to the set. The mirrors are easy to adjust and are firmly fixed, so there’s no shaking to disrupt your vision.

On top of this, the set comes with an installation manual and factory-style locks to make your life easier.


  • 1 hour is enough for installation
  • Matches Hooke fenders & steps
  • Included instructions


  • The holes on the tubular doors may not match the ones from the hinges.



Highlighted Features

  • Front & rear doors
  • Alloy Steel material
  • Open-air ventilation through special design
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional mirrors
  • All the hardware is included

RESTYLING FACTORY offers quality and wallet-friendly products at the same time, impressing its customers each time.

With its durable steel material, creative swing-straps design, and tubular construction, these doors offer everything you’ve dreamed of.

Don’t be fooled by their place on this top. While not that popular, RESTYLING FACTORY is a trustworthy brand. On that matter, the reviews speak for themselves.

A true offroad experience is ensured with these Jeep JK half doors. Enjoy a breath of fresh air directly from your car and keep your passengers safe inside the Jeep without any worries.

The lack of instructions might be disappointing, but the good news is that even a monkey could eventually figure out how to mount these doors.

Take your time and enjoy the moment. The items should come in a resistant package and with all the necessary hardware included.


  • The doors close tight
  • Weather & rust resistant
  • Swing straps included for a cool look


  • Lack of instructions

13. RUGGED RIDGE 11509.15


Highlighted Features

  • Single tube perimeter
  • A secure rotary latching system
  • Offroad accessories can be added
  • Front set with mirrors included
  • 50 mm OD steeling tubing

Last but not least, the final contestant for the best Jeep JK tube doors is RUGGED RIDGE 11509,15.

Coming up with multiple half doors designs, RUGGED RIDGE is already a veteran in this top.

What’s special about this particular model is the extra space provided by the cutout pattern.

The continuous tube placed on the doors’ perimeter offers increased protection and a strong base for the middle bar.

The model is known for its rattle-free action and reliable latch mechanism that takes any offroad experience to another level.

You never truly know what a successful trip is before you’ve experienced this level of freedom in a safe environment.

Finally, the front half doors come with included mirrors, sparing you the trouble of reading once again an article about the best aftermarket mirrors for Jeep JK.

Also, keep in mind that this model is fitted for 18-22 Jeep Wrangler and 20-22 Gladiator.


  • Granite crystal color
  • Heavy, strong material
  • Very little rattle


  • Safety straps are too long to prevent swinging

The Buying Considerations of Best Half Doors For Jeep JK

By now, you should have the brands that produce the best half doors for Jeep JK already sorted out in your head, so it’s perfect for moving to the next chapter of your research: the most important buying considerations.

01. Compatibility

The first thing to look for when reading a product’s description is its compatibility.

While most of the brands produce half doors compatible with Jeep JK 2007-2018, there are some models compatible with the newer Jeep versions.

Rugged Ridge is a good option if you find yourself in the second category.

Moreover, Jeep JK tubular door sets come as front sets, rear sets, or both front & rear sets.

Even front sets can be compatible only with Jeep JK 2-door and not with a 4-door vehicle, so it’s important to write down exactly what you need and tick those boxes.

02. Materials

When it comes to materials, there’s not much variety, but there is one important choice to make.

There are lightweight half doors and heavy-duty tube doors out there, both with unique benefits.

Lightweight doors are usually made of aluminum alloy. They are easier to install and still provide enough protection.

On the other hand, heavy doors are made of durable steel tubing and usually come with better resistance against corrosion and different weather conditions.

They tend to offer an enhanced sense of security, but the design also plays an important role in that matter,

03. Design

The next step is to analyze the design. There are many designs available out there, so it’s a sure thing you’ll find the one that fits all your needs.

From cutout patterns that offer a true open-air experience to spider web patterns that will attract anyone’s attention, the possibilities are endless.

Figure out if you need more freedom or more security and make a wise choice.

There are even designs that incorporate simple drawings to give your Jeep a fresh, modern look.

Additionally, try to opt for a fully covered model if you have kids.

04. Fitted Mirrors

If you’ve managed to find a great-looking, quality set that meets all your criteria, the next thing in line is to check if the package comes with mirrors.

While you might prefer to choose the mirrors to your taste and style, it usually saves a lot of time and effort to simply select the best half doors for Jeep JK with incorporated mirrors, as there will be no extra drilling or fitting involved.

However, if your dream Jeep JK doors are only sold separately, keep in mind to check what mirrors are compatible with their model and drilling.

Some Jeep JK half doors come with predrilled holes, while others let you do the job.

05. Hinges & Latching Mechanism

Adjustable hinges and a smart latching system are the keys to an easy installation process.

The door’s design, as well as your mechanical skills, are also key factors, but what really makes the difference are factory-style locks.

Moreover, remember to look for incorporated hinge mounts and bolt-on setup systems and enjoy a fast, efficient installation.


All in all, the top brands for the best half doors for Jeep JK have now been analyzed in detail, and the most important features have been carefully arranged in one list, so all that’s left to do is make a choice!

Follow your passion into an offroad adventure and keep your passengers safe with one smart addition.

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