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How Much Does a BMW Oil Change Cost & 3 Step By Step DIY Process

Regular change of oil is a prerequisite to prolonged service of car’s engines, BMW cars inclusive.

Engine oils help to reduce friction in the moving part of cars by lubricating them.

The lack of proper lubrication of cars can lead to wear and tear of the car parts.

Now, we have realized why it’s important to change a BMW car oil regularly.

We also need to know “when”, “how”, and how much does a BMW oil change cost.


When Should You Change Your Car Engine Oil?

For modern BMW cars, there is an indicator at the dashboard that indicates the oil level is low.

However, it is not applaudable to wait till this period before changing the car’s engine oil.

Changing the oil before the last minute is highly recommended and healthy for the car’s engine. Also, some cars don’t come with those indicators.

So, there is a rough estimate by manufacturers on when to change the cars’ engine oil.

Typically, it is recommended to cars’ engine oil after a 5,000 miles drive or once every six months. But BMW cars are not the regular type of cars, they are unique.

They use synthetic engine oils that last longer than the popular oils that other cars usually use. So, the time required to change BMW cars’ engine oil is extended.

It’s endorsed to change the oil after 10,000-15,000 miles drive depending on the cars’ model.

If it’s difficult to account for the distance driven, the driver should try to change the oil at least once a year.

How Much Does a BMW Oil Change Cost

Changing the engine oil of a BMW car is a bit expensive. The payment for the change of a BMW car engine oil is divided into two; the money for the oil/goods and the money for service.

The money for the oil is roughly 90-110 dollars on average. While the money for the service is roughly estimated to be between 45-65 dollars.

Making a total of 135-175 dollars on average. That’s a lot, right? But this is the average cost, some car repairs charge more, and some charge less.

You’re now wondering why changing a BMW car engine costs much more than changing the engine oil of a regular car engine.

This is because BMWs are luxury cars, they use synthetic and quality oil, and they can’t work well with cheap oils.

Some models of BMW cars use a more expensive oil because they use more quality engines. But the benefit gained from using a BMW is definitely worth the price.

Benefits of Changing BMW Oil Regularly

There are a lot of benefits associated with regular change of BMW oil, the three major benefits are:

01. Good For Car Engines

Changing the engine oil of a BMW car helps to increase the lifespan and functionality of the car’s engine.

It cleanses, increases efficiency, and protects the engine. It also ensures better mileage.

Oils accumulate dirt when it mixes with the car engine. And this dirt is dangerous to the car. So, it is necessary to change cars’ oil regularly.

02. Reduces Environmental Pollution

Sometimes, you’ll observe that some cars release black and choking smoke. This is a sign that the oil of the car is not regularly changed.

The smoke contains hydrocarbons and oxides that pollute the air. And they are harmful to human beings.

03. Reduces Friction

A car is a network of colliding parts. There is a genuine need to lubricate car parts to prevent friction.

Time Needed To Do The Job

Changing the oil of all cars, including the BMW takes several procedures. And these procedures take up a considerable part of one’s time.

To change a BMW car oil, you either take it to car service professionals or do it yourself.

When you take your car to a professional to change the oil, it takes about 40-45 minutes to get it done.

But when you do it yourself, it may take an hour or more. If you’re changing the oil by yourself, ensure you follow instructions carefully to make the process faster and easier.

Note: Before taking your BMW to a car service professional, ensure that the person or company is versed about BMW cars.

Some car service professionals can change the oil of other cars, but not BMW cars. Because BMW cars are different and unique.

Tools and Parts Required

To change the engine oil of a BMW car, certain tools and parts are needed.

Some are considered compulsory and some are only recommended for smooth and easy work.

The tools and parts required to change a BMW oil are:

  • BMW Engine
  • Engine oil (synthetic oil)
  • BMW Oil Filter (Quality filters)
  • Jacks
  • Jack stands
  • Metric sockets
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Drain pan
  • Latex hand gloves
  • Funnel
  • Car ramps
  • Pad adapter (for jacks)
  • Hex
  • Hook pick
  • Screwdriver
  • Cone-shaped funnel

Step By Step Process For BMW Oil Change Cost

Step 1: Jack Up Your Car

Jacking is the primary step in changing a BMW oil after getting the tools needed ready.

Remember, never use the wrong type of oil and use synthetic engine oil unless your car’s manual says otherwise.

Ensure that all the jacking tools are at your stretch. If not, try to fetch those tools before starting.

So, how can you jack your car? Firstly, park your car on a leveled surface and make sure that the car is not moving by stopping the car engine.

Put a barricade on the car’s wheel using a stone, brick, or any other hard object to provide a better assurance.

Identify the jack pads at both sides of the car and place two jack stands under the pads at the side. Make the jack stands balanced well on the car.

Then, identify the jack point at the front of the car. It is a rectangular-shaped pad. Place your jack properly under the front pad.

Then continue to jack up your car until it’s raised to the height you want. Then get ready for the next step.

Step 2: Drain The Old Oil and Replace The Oil Filter

This is the second step in changing a BMW oil. Make sure you wear latex hand gloves before getting down to work so that your hand won’t get stained.

It’s also advisable to wear a protective cloth so that your clothes won’t get stained. Open the car bonnet and identify the oil filter.

Mark the filter with a marker to make it easy to bolt in the back. Place the filter hug on the filter and  Unscrew using a wench.

Don’t take out the filter immediately after unscrewing to avoid oil spillage. Wait till the oil is no more dropping or clean the oil with a rag before taking it out.

Locate the drain plug under the car and unbolt it with a screwdriver. Then, drain the oil from the engine.

Usually, new filters come with a filter, rubber garment, and a washer. Remove the old filter from the filter cap and fix a new filter also, remove the old rubber garment and replace it with the new ones.

Add little oil to the old rubber garment so that it can seal properly. Put the oil filter back to its rightful place and screw it back.

Use your hand at first, then wear the filter hug and screw well with the wench. Make sure it fits perfectly and is tight enough. Then, you’ve completed the second step.

Step 3: Refill The Oil

Before proceeding to this stage, check the drain plug under the car. Remember that you’ve unbolted the drain plug while draining the oil.

So you have to fix it back before refilling the engine oil so that the oil won’t pour away. Add a little oil around the lock so that it doesn’t stiff and tighten the lock.

You may also wait till you’re done refilling the oil before tightening the lock to verify if the drain plug is well tightened. But never put too much pressure on the drain plug

Then remove the engine cap and grab your synthetic oil. Remember, synthetic oils are the most recommended for BMW cars unless your car manual recommends a different oil.

Place a cone-shaped funnel in the hole meant for filling oil and pour the synthetic oil.

Pour the oil slowly, to avoid spillage. Spillage will create a mess that will take much time to clean

You may have to fill 6-7 liters of oil depending on the model of your car.

Start your car and check the dashboard of the car to see if the oil level is enough. If it’s not, you can keep adding more oil till it’s at the right level.

But avoid pouring too much oil into the car’s engine, because it’ll be too clumsy to remove. Instead of checking the dashboard, you can also use a dipstick.

If the oil reaches the full line, it means the oil is not. If it doesn’t, keep pouring more oil until it reaches the full line. Then you’re done changing your BMW oil.

See this video for a better guide on BMW oil change.

Common FAQs

01. What Does it Mean To Change a BMW Oil?

People who don’t use a BMW or people that are just using the car for the first time usually ask this question. They wonder what it means to change the engine oil of a BMW car.

Changing a BMW oil is a sequential process that involves draining old engine oil from the car and replacing it with new oil.

02. Which Oil Should I Use For My BMW Car?

BMW cars use more quality oil than normal cars. They use purely synthetic oil. The manufacturer uses 5W-30 for their cars.

Other brands of synthetic oil such as Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, Formula, and shell can also be used for BMW cars.

03. How Frequently Should I Change My BMW Oil?

Changing your BMW oil should be done regularly so that the car’s engine will last.

It is recommended to change a BMW car after driving 10,000-15,000 miles or at least once a year.

Also, the BMW car has an indicator on the dashboard that indicates when it’s critical to change the engine oil.

04. How Many Liters of Oil Will I Use When Changing My BMW Oil?

Usually, a BMW car uses about 6-7 liters of oil. But it may use less or more liters sometimes.

Some cars take more oil while some take less. Check the indicator and the car dashboard to know whether the oil is enough or not.

05. How Do I Know When I Need To Change The Oil of My BMW Car?

When the oil level is low and when the oil is due for changing, your BMW car will start showing some signs.

The signs include the following; the car will start releasing smoke, the car engine will start making loud sounds, the car won’t function as usual, among other signs.

To heat the, safer side, don’t wait till you start noticing these signs before changing your car engine.

06. Can I Change My BMW Car Oil by Myself?

Yes, you can change your BMW oil yourself. But if you don’t have them, it may not be advisable to change the oil yourself.

This is because the tools are expensive, and it will be more cost-saving to employ the service of a professional.

Final Words

The benefits derived from using a BMW car are worth the price paid for changing the oil.

It’s convenient, and users only need to change to oil once in a year or its equivalent. Prompt changing of a BMW oil is more encouraged.

Users of BMW car cam also try changing the oil themselves if they have the tool, or they can get it for free. It will save cost and will also be a nice experience.