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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Lock On A Car?

No one wants to have car issues, as not just that it can be costly, but it usually requires much time, depending on what the problem with the vehicle is. That is why experienced mechanics are so highly valued, but in case one doesn’t know where to find one, everything can get even more time-consuming. One of the common issues is the lock on the car, and the first thing to clarify here is that it’s not that big of an investment to replace it if you know the right person for such a task, and if you don’t, make sure to check, locksmith service, while we further focus on how much it can cost.


It depends on the type of the vehicle

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Understandably, the model, type, how old the vehicle is, etc., are all factors that matter when doing almost any repair on your car, and the same is with a lock. If you have done any work on the car before, you are probably well aware of how costly or not those repairs were, and you can much easier get to a conclusion on how much money you will have to set aside for such repairs. The biggest issue here is that on most vehicles, in order to replace the lock, the mechanic needs to remove the car door’s interior panel, and just doing that can be time-consuming. It’s needless to say how time is yet another thing that dictates the price, as the more time a mechanic needs to set aside and work on the car, the bigger the fee you will have to pay.

As for why removing the entire panel is a must, it’s because of the electronic components, and this is where most people often make a mistake, as they are unaware of all that’s required. The process itself is actually pretty easy when one knows their way around the cars and what they are doing. Namely, once the panel is removed, the next action is to raise the window and then remove other parts. Of course, it can be a tricky business, which is why what you want is a proven professional with a ton of experience, as even though they might charge a bit more, you will be sure that your door lock will no longer be an issue.

The price

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From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that there isn’t a universal price for fixing or replacing a lock on the vehicle. On the other hand, you will be glad to know that it’s not that costly to fix a lock, and the price is usually around 150 dollars. The damage is also something to keep your mind on, as the more damaged the lock is, the more work is required, which affects the total costs. Of course, the best solution is for someone to do all the work by themself, as they will have to pay just for the part or not to pay anything at all if the problem with the lock is a mild one, but if you don’t have much experience, then leaving it to the professionals.

DIY is always an option

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As mentioned above, the cheapest way to solve this problem is by doing all the work by yourself. Yes, dealing with certain things might be tricky, but that doesn’t mean that this shouldn’t be an option, on the contrary. The biggest issue here is finding the right part, as everything else is taken care of, but even though there are plenty of ways to do so doesn’t make it easy per se. Namely, there are many websites where one can order the part they need for a car, or in this case, the cylinder for the lock, but finding a reliable source to actually order it is where things might get a bit troubling. As for the lock, fixing or entirely replacing it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, but be warned that even though it might look easy at first, if you are not familiar with the electronic parts, you can do more harm than good.

Besides all of this, time is of the essence, especially today when we are in desperate need of more time to deal with all the work and duties, and since doing it on your own means that a certain amount of time is a must to set aside to actually do all the repairs, even though fixing or replacing the lock on the car might be cheap, as all that’s needed is to find the right part, the time and effort you place into doing all the work is also something you should consider. In the end, it gets to the point where it gets pretty much the same whether you are going to hire someone to do the work or to do it on your own, but the quality of the work is yet another reason why hiring professionals should be your to-go option.

The time needed

Depending on the model, type, and year of manufacturing, the time needed to do all the work on your own can vary, and for the older models, it can take up to thirty minutes if one is skilled enough. For the newer models, the repairs can take up to more than an hour, as there are much more electronic components to take care of, meaning that those who aren’t familiar with the electronic parts should think twice before doing anything. Of course, we are talking here about the car lockout, as there are many other things to keep in mind, as we have already mentioned above.

The insurance

We are all aware that having insurance is of vast importance, and the good thing is that certain packages include repairs and replacement of the lock of the car. Yes, the standard package we all have is just about the basic things, like in case of any break-ins, but a specific type of insurance has much greater coverage, and it can actually cover all the expenses regarding the lock on the car replacement. It is a type of comprehensive insurance policy that you can get at a bit higher price than the average car insurance policy, but it can be extremely useful because you never know when such or similar problems might occur.