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The12 Best Cold Air Intake For F150 EcoBoost – Improved Horsepower & Torque

If you want to take your F150 power & performance to a new level.

Installing the best cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost may be the right approach or technique to consider.

Although there is a list of other modifications you can make to your truck for improved engine performance.

Installing an aftermarket cold air intake has become the most preferred option among vehicle owners.

The cold air intake is easier and faster to install, enhances the airflow, guarantees extra airflow or intake, increases horsepower, and ensures the engine sounds/roars louder.

These attributes are delivered without investing beyond your financial capabilities.

When it comes to cold air intake replacement or installation, the major challenge most individuals encounter is how to get the best design for their vehicle.

We have prepared a list of F150 ecoboost cold air intake reviews to eliminate this struggle.

The list contains twelve (12) of the best designs you can pick up for your Ford F-150.

K&N, S&B, AEM, AFe Power, Roush, Spectre Performance, Airaid, and Rtunes are excellent brands or designs that you can consider for improved horsepower, sound, overall engine upgrade.


Our Pick For the Finest Cold Air Intake For F150 Ecoboost

K&N Fits 2015-2019
S&B Fits 2015-2017
aFe Power
Roush Fits 2018-2021
Fits 2015-2020
K&N Fits 2011-2014
Airaid Fits 2015-2020
Rtunes Racing Fits 2012-2014
K&N Fits 2015-2016

What is the Most Useful Cold Air Intake For Ford F-150 Ecoboost?

We have chosen the K&N 63-2593 to lead our best Ford F-150 Ecoboost list. Its numerous features make it a worthy addition to your Ford F-150.

Why K&N 63-2593 is the Appropriate Brand of Cold Air Intake For Ford F-150 Ecoboost?

The brand is a well-known name among vehicles owners.

Thanks to the valuable and high-grade cold air intake systems the manufacturer have delivered to car/truck owners over the years.

When you install the K&N 63-2593 on your Ford F-150.

The vehicle will experience a significant improvement in horsepower and torque.

Thanks to the improved airflow, it provides or delivers to the engine.

Our Assessment on Top 12 Best Cold Air Intake For F150 Ecoboost

01. K&N 63-2593


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2019 Ford F150 (2.7L V6)
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • 1-2 hours installation timeframe
  • Add about 50% extra airflow
  • 1 x 15.5 x 14.5 inches in dimension
  • 17 pounds in weight

If you drive the 2015-2019 Ford F150 and desire an improved engine performance.

This is certainly a remarkable addition to your truck.

The K&N 63-2593 is highly rated by users for the numerous impressive performance features it offers.

For instance, your throttle will respond better to commands, providing more significant results when it comes to acceleration, especially when driving across steep slopes.

The additional airflow it offers takes away any form of restrictions across the engine’s air path.

Compared to what the factory design provides, there is about a 50% improvement in airflow.

Your engine will experience an increased level of combustion and extra power.

Top attributes such as the improved throttle response and the significant increase in acceleration make your truck more suitable for heavy-duty activities such as towing and hauling

Although the number of additional horsepower the K&N 63-2593 offers is not stated in the product description.

You can expect at least an extra 5 horsepower.

You can easily mount the air intake into the existing attachment points using basic tools, eliminating the need for drilling or cutting completely.


  • The engine sound & horsepower get a significant boost
  • Throttle response increases considerably for improved towing capabilities
  • Installation & maintenance can be conducted effortlessly
  • Shield the engine from contaminants that can cause any harm to it


  • The supplied/attached fittings could be better
  • The installation may trigger the check engine indicator

02. S&B Filters 75-5081


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2017 Ford F-150 (7L & 3.5L)
  • Silicone material
  • 10% extra airflow
  • Up to 15 additional horsepower
  • 1 x 17.6 x 26.2 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

When it comes to price and quality, only a few designs can complete with S&B Filters 75-5081 for the crown.

If you can’t afford to pay a premium to have a quality aftermarket cold air intake installed on your F150 (2015 to 2017).

You can consider/purchase this impressive option to improve the engine performance and optimize your ride quality.

The installation is relatively easy.

You can effortlessly attach it to your vehicle with your essential garage tools.

No form of modification is needed to achieve the proper fitment.

Like most users, we are also thrilled by the intake’s styling.

Aside from being attractive and clean, it will take a careful examination to differentiate it from a stock design.

The S&B Filters 75-5081 deliver a tremendous difference in how the throttle operates or responds to command.

Its operation/response becomes smoother and better.

Thanks to the improvement in the airflow.

When you consider the major upgrade in the throttle response, coupled with the improvement in the acceleration.

Your Ford F-150 becomes better equipped for towing, hauling, and other uphill tasks.


  • The kit comes with all the components or accessories that you need
  • The instructions in the installation manual are precise
  • Delivers efficient improvement in performance
  • Guarantees a noticeable difference in throttle response


  • No obvious change/upgrade in turbo while driving
  • You may need to conduct regular filter inspection & oiling

03. AEM 21-8128DC


Highlighted Features

  • Intake tubes are made from aluminum
  • 2015 to 2020 F150 (2.7L) & 2015-2016 F150 (3.5L)
  • Washable synthetic filter material
  • Detailed instructions guide
  • All the installation components are added/made available
  • 93 pounds in weight

AEM 21-8128DC improves your vehicle performance by providing an immediate boost in power.

The dual intake construction guarantees or delivers a dry airflow that ensures your engine attains an appropriate level of combustion.

This cold air intake is designed or engineered to support two (2) significant improvements or benefits in your vehicle.

Additional power is guaranteed, and you will enjoy a substantial improvement in gas consumption when and where necessary.

As a result, you will experience your F150 Ecoboost working at the highest level, unleashing more power for optimum performance.

Also, you will be able to finally save some bucks or a few dollars on fuel.

We love the durability and sturdiness of the intake tube.

The superior mandrel-bent aluminum provides adequate strength that can withstand the stress/pressure during shipping, thereby protecting it from possible damage.

The filter is well-made, effective, and doesn’t need regular maintenance.

It is capable of preventing contaminants such as dirt or dust from having their way into the engine.

You can comfortably cover up to 100k miles before the filter becomes due for maintenance.

Installing the AEM 21-8128DC is pretty straightforward.

According to some users, the integration can be completed in about one (1) hour.

Also, the instructions are well-detailed, providing adequate directions on how to get the installation done appropriately.


  • Made from durable/superior construction material
  • Significant boost or addition in horsepower
  • It lowers the air temperature
  • The cost of maintenance is low


  • Information about the dimension is not provided

04. aFe Power 54-12192


Highlighted Features

  • 2012 to 2020 F-150 (3.5L)
  • Additional 32 horsepower
  • Extra 35 lb-ft of torque
  • ‎5-layer washable cotton gauze filter material
  • Precise installation directions
  • 12 pounds in weight

When compiling the list of products/designs to include in our F150 Ecoboost cold air intake reviews.

The outcome of our research indicates that the aFe Power is undoubtedly a widely-known name or brand among F150 owners.

According to some users, the brand has gained an outstanding level of acceptability and popularity for consistently delivering on the benefits stated in the product description.

One of the highly-rated cold air intakes designed by the manufacturer is the aFe Power 54-12192.

If you drive the Ford F150 (2012 to 2020) with the 3.5L Ecoboost.

This design delivers powerfully on performance needs and expectations.

For instance, you will enjoy up to 32 extra horsepower and an additional 35 lb-ft of torque without causing any strain or damage to the engine.

Over time, aFe Power 54-12192 has proven a great addition when installed on compatible vehicles.

It is one of the finest options you will find out there for immense value.


  • Guarantees improved airflow for additional power
  • Instant improvement in throttle response
  • Installation is not complicated or complex
  • Improved turbo for a more aggressive roar


  • The dimension is not stated

05. Roush 422089


Highlighted Features

  • 2018-2024 F-150 (2.7L & 3.5L)
  • Durable rubber material
  • Reusable/washable air filter
  • Required installation hardware and instructions
  • 18 x 18 x 18 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

One thing you can’t take away from Ford is the top-quality engine design across its various vehicle models.

If you are eyeing/considering the perfect cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost (2018-2024 2.7L & 3.5L).

Here is a solid option you can consider.

As you know, the engine needs adequate airflow to achieve an efficient level/rate of combustion.

The Roush 422089 is well-engineered and adequately equipped to facilitate this process.

This cool air intake facilitates a 25% reduction in intake restriction, creating sufficient room to promote improved airflow for superior engine performance.

In the end, you will experience a massive boost in throttle response, acceleration, and horsepower.

In addition, the rate of fuel consumption/use is maximized.

Considering the wide range of benefits, it offers, especially when it comes to the boost in power and how much money you will save on fuel.

Beyond doubt, you will get a top value on your investment.


  • Doesn’t require the recalibration of the PCM
  • Improves engine performance significantly
  • The air filter doesn’t require oiling
  • 25% reduction in intake restriction


  • The percentage increase in airflow is not stated
  • The air filters maintenance routine is not mentioned

06. Spectre Performance (SPE-9034)


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2020 F150
  • Durable aluminum air intake tube
  • Superior air filter
  • 50% extra airflow & additional 2-3 MPG
  • Powder-coated steel heat shield
  • ‎6.08 pounds in weight

If you are looking for a cold air intake that adds more spark to your vehicle’s performance at a pocket-friendly price.

The Spectre 9034 is a great fit.

Some notable upgrades your vehicle will experience or enjoy include increase turbo sound, immediate improvement in throttle response, acceleration, and fuel consumption.

The installation is easy and can be completed without any issues or problems.

According to users, it takes less than 30 minutes to finalize the setup.

If this is your first air intake replacement, the directions in the installation manual are precise and easy to understand.

You will notice the improvement or difference in ride quality immediately you take your vehicle out for a ride.

Your F150 will run smoother and deliver a more robust performance.

The filter is durable. You can cover up to 100k before you finally consider having it cleaned or replaced with a new one.


  • Improves turbo sound, acceleration, gas usage, and throttle response
  • Installation is issue-free
  • The filter can last up to 100k miles before cleaning is required
  • Inexpensive design


  • The finish can be better
  • Not authorized/permitted in California

07. K&N 57-2583


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2011-2014 Ford F150 (3.5L V6)
  • High-density polyethylene​ tube material
  • Legal across all the 50 states in the USA
  • Oiled 4-layer​ cotton​ filter
  • Installation Duration: About 1 hour
  • 95 pounds in pounds

The K&N brand is famous for manufacturing the 2.7L Ecoboost cold air intake.

To satisfy the demand and request of the individuals who drive the F-150 (2011 to 2014) with the 3.5L Ecoboost.

The K&N 57-2583 was conceived.

Clearly, the manufacturer understands what a colossal mistake it would have been to leave out the 3.5L Ecoboost engine from their production plans.

Most especially the 1st generation, considering how widely adored this engine variant is, building on the impressive performance and accomplishments of the 2011 F150 Ecoboost variant.

The 57-2583 is built/constructed using superior material for increased durability and longevity.

Also, it is equipped to deliver optimum improvement in overall performance.

For instance, you will experience/notice an immediate upgrade in acceleration.

Also, possible lags across all areas of operation are reduced significantly.


  • Delivers a significant improvement in overall performance
  • Eliminates any form or lag
  • Acceleration experiences a major boost
  • Quality construction material


  • A bit costly
  • The dimension is not included or written in the description

08. Airaid (AIR-401-338)


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2020 Ford F150
  • About 5 MPG increase
  • Dry filter
  • High-density polyethylene material
  • ‎13.49 pounds in weight

Airaid (AIR-401-338) is an excellent fit for individuals who drive the latest Ford F150 models.

This cold air intake is designed to meet the critical demands of individuals who drive the 2015-2020 model.

When you go through users’ reviews/reports, the level of satisfaction and fulfillment they derive from its performance is thrilling and satisfying.

Vital areas such as throttle performance/response, acceleration, and MPG are greatly enhanced.

For instance, it adds an extra 5 miles per gallon of gas.

Remarkably, you won’t need to recalibrate your PCM before integrating or adding this design to your vehicle.

The dry filter provides an extra layer of protection to the intake by preventing dust penetration into the engine.

Also, the cleaning/maintenance is more manageable than oiled filters.


  • Improved throttle response, horsepower, and gas consumption
  • The filter prevents dust from going through the intake
  • The sound is incredible, and the appearance is attractive


  • Expensive
  • Some users complained about getting inaccurate parts
  • Installation directions are not precise

09. Rtunes ‎HI-FD-08BL


Highlighted Features

  • ‎12-14 Ford F150 (3.5L V6)
  • Mounting hardware (vacuum hoses & reducers inclusive)
  • Reusable dry air filter
  • 23 x 15 x 12.5 inches in dimension
  • 98 pounds in weight

The Rtunes ‎HI-FD-08BL delivers an impressive return on investment.

This is one of the revelations on our list.

When you carefully look at its numerous performance outputs and upgrades it guarantees, the conclusion is that the few ratings do not depict its actual value.

Nevertheless, it has enjoyed a tremendous amount of recommendations from users for the unique features it possesses.

Most importantly, the incredible boosts/improvements you will experience in crucial areas, extending across horsepower, turbo sound, and throttle response.

The dry air filter guarantees the distribution of clean/uncontaminated air into the engine, which contributes significantly towards efficient fuel usage.

If you look forward to attaining a noteworthy difference in your engine’s function and overall performance without breaking the bank.

HI-FD-08BL will make a superb addition to your F150.

Once inserted or placed rightly in position, ensure the clamps are adequately tightened.

The installation can be completed using your garage tools in less than two (2) hours.


  • Delivers an explosive upgrade in horsepower
  • Guarantees a considerable improvement in throttle response
  • All the parts/components that are needed for installation are provided
  • The air filter is easy to clean


  • The number of additional horsepower gain is not stated

10. K&N 63-2592


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2016 Ford F150 (3.5L V6)
  • High-density polyethylene​ tube construction material
  • Oiled 4-layer​ cotton​ filter
  • 25 x 14.25 x 12.5 inches in dimension
  • ‎10.12 pounds in weight

K&N 63-2592 is an excellent pick for individuals who frequently engage in heavy-duty activities with their trucks.

Hauling or towing with your F150 doesn’t only result in more fuel usage.

It also puts more load/pressure on the engine.

When you install this air intake on your truck, it significantly improves your engine’s health and performance.

For instance, the 50% additional airflow improves throttle response and maximizes fuel consumption.

It also adds a substantial increase in how your vehicle accelerates.

In the end, these upgrades come together or add up to optimize your vehicle’s towing & hauling capabilities by several miles.

Not only that, your vehicle will have extra power to climb hills or drive across steep slopes.


  • A great improvement in the sound of the engine
  • You won’t have to clean the filter regularly (up to 100K miles)
  • Lowers turbo lag greatly
  • You won’t need to tune your ECU


  • Some users complained about the absence of a vent tube

11. aFe Power 51-32112-B


Highlighted Features

  • Dry filter (3-layer)
  • 70% increase in airflow
  • Plastic CAD design
  • Roto-molded intake tube
  • Legal/authorized in all states across the USA
  • 6 ounces in weight

While the compatible F150 models are not indicated or stated.

Reviews from users show that the aFe Power 51-32112-B is an excellent addition to the 2013 F150 3.5 Ecoboost.

With up to a 70% increase in airflow, your engine will be able to breathe healthily and perform better.

In the end, the engine roars louder, you will enjoy about 3 additional miles per gallon of gas and improved acceleration & throttle response.

Attaching this air intake to your vehicle is pretty straightforward.

The average installation timeframe/duration stands at around half an hour.

Each component that completes the installation is durable and well-made.

Hence, you are confident of enjoying the aFe Power 51-32112-B for as long as possible.

The cold air intake doesn’t cost a fortune.

It guarantees exceptional quality and performance at a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight design
  • The filter is easy to clean/maintained
  • Guarantees abundance airflow for smooth engine performance


  • The dimension detail is not stated
  • The compatible F150 models are not mentioned

12. Roush 421981


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2017 F150 (2.7L & 3.5L)
  • Wire mesh filter material
  • Composite plastic design component
  • Authorized across all the 50 states in the USA
  • 15 x 15 x 15 inches in dimension
  • 10 pounds in weight

Roush 421981 is designed to outrun the rules prohibiting performance upgrade components or accessories in California.

If you live in California and drive/own the 2015-2017 F150 (2.7L & 3.5L).

For improved performance, this authorized cold air intake can be attached/added to your vehicle.

It guarantees a tremendous boost in power (up to 28 extra horsepower).

Also, it maximizes your fuel consumption by ensuring you save a few bucks on gas.

The installation is not stressful. Thanks to the complete hardware that comes in the kit.


  • Deep roar sound when driving
  • Substantial improvement in horsepower
  • Excellent throttle response


  • The 3.5L engine variant doesn’t experience an increase in MPG

How to Select Best Best Cold Air Intake F150 Ecoboost


Searching for the best cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost without a specific amount you can afford to pay is a total waste of time.

Before you go ahead with your search/selection, you need to know the maximum amount of money you can invest and stick to it.

This creates a clear boundary between the designs you can afford and those that fall out of reach or are well above your budget.

Regardless of your budget (low or high).

Our F150 Ecoboost cold air intake reviews have been able to cover/discuss excellent designs that improve engine performance across the various price range.

Additional Airflow

A cold air intake designed or engineered to offer an impressive increase in airflow facilitates extra power.

Simply, the greater the additional airflow a design offers or adds to the engine, the more horsepower & torque such an engine will produce.

Fuel Consumption/Usage

Asides from the excellent boost in power and torque that a quality/top-performance air intake offers.

An additional upgrade or improvement you can enjoy is fuel efficiency.

A design that supports the efficient use of fuel ensures you can cover more miles than you usually would with the same gas.

In the end, you will save more money on gas while you enjoy a significant boost in power.


Choose a design that can be installed/attached in your garage and doesn’t require any special tools or any form of modifications (drilling or cutting).

A design with necessary/essential attachment hardware included in the kit saves time and eliminates extra costs.


Irrespective of the type/design of the air filter in your air intake, the primary duty is to prevent or block contaminants from coming in contact with the engine.

You will have to take out the filter and clean it at a point in time.

Choose a design equipped with a filter that can be cleaned/maintained with ease.


Check the product description to confirm the F150 models or Ecoboost engines that the cold air intake supports before you make a purchase.

Relevant Questions

What is The Importance/Benefit of A Cold Air Intake?

This component plays a significant role in optimizing your engine’s performance.

This accessory offers a massive boost and immediate difference in horsepower and torque by ensuring additional airflow into the engine.

What is The Price of A Quality Cold Air Intake?

You should have a budget ranging from $85 to $400 if you desire a quality air intake for your F150.

What is The Lifespan of An Ecoboost 2.7L & 3.5L Engine?

The F150 Ecoboost engine can last up to 200K miles on average with proper maintenance.

What Makes A Cold Air Intake A Worthy Investment?

Although this accessory is not mandatory, it substantially improves your engine by optimizing the overall performance.

A reliable and compatible cold air intake will make a worthy addition to your vehicle and deliver a great value on your investment.

Would A Cold Air Intake Improve My Engine’s Tone?

If you want an enriched sound or possibly desire a more aggressive roar whenever you hit on the accelerator.

Adding a quality aftermarket cold air intake can make it happen.

What Can Go Wrong If The Air Filter is Not Well Maintained Or Adequately Cleaned?

The air filter’s job is to restrict contaminants from entering the engine block.

If you fail to clean the filter when due or fail to replace it when damaged.

This gives complete/free passage to dirty air, restricting or limiting the engine’s efficiency and performance in the process.

Last Words

Picking the best cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost can be challenging when you do not have adequate information or knowledge about how to make the proper selection or the factors you need to consider.

This purchase guide has reviewed twelve (12) excellent cold air intakes engineered to deliver incredible engine performance.

Go through the list and choose the ideal (compatible and within your budget) design that meets your performance expectations/needs.

Irrespective of the design you eventually decide to settle for.

You can never go wrong with your selection.