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Making the Move: Understanding the Process of Exporting Cars From Dubai

Cars are assets, whether in a business setting or a domestic lifestyle. Exporting cars from the UAE can arise for multiple reasons. You may want to travel around the world for a long duration and not be bothered by the safety of your car. Your retail business requires a cost-effective boom through cheap exports. Whatever the reason is, exporting cars can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have trouble navigating your way through the comprehensive documentation and legal processes.

From hypercars to monstrous engines with dynamic features, Dubai is the spot you should be looking for. Not only are they extremely affordable for businesses and domestic clients alike, but it is also a simple process which you will learn in this article. Read on to understand the requirements and steps you must follow to extract maximum opportunities from this avenue.


Understanding Shipping Modes


Exporting cars from the UAE region to other countries may seem like a daunting process, but it is an expedient one. Depending on the destination and other relevant considerations, shipping by water is the most economical and cost-effective way. However, this heavily depends on the quality and value of the vehicle. Given below are common ways to export your car to another country:

  • Water: Shipping cars through cargo ships is the most profitable way of exporting cars to other countries, keeping other influential factors at bay. It is also an extremely easy and versatile way of shipping because you can choose from a multitude of containers to put in your car. For instance, a dedicated container is an excellent choice for personal shipping. You can rent dedicated containers for shipping single cars along with your belongings. Consolidation containers, on the other hand, will help you ship more than one car for a lower price. Lastly, RO-RO carriers can ship many vehicles on a single dedicated ship, with the only requirement being that the cars must be in workable condition.
  • Air: Shipping via air is extremely time-efficient but is not recommended as it burdens the budget heavily. Not only is it an intensive investment by nature, but it also has higher additional costs and charges compared to other shipment options. However, it can opt for exotic and luxurious cars with high-end features that are susceptible to even the slightest damage. You can benefit from short delivery times and security through this method.
  • Land: Lastly, you can opt for dedicated vehicles to ship your cars to other parts of the land. While it is cost-effective, it takes longer for the car to arrive at the destination. Moreover, you can only ship them to GCC countries that can be reached via lands, like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Relevant Documentation

The first and foremost step in exporting your car is checking your car’s eligibility and learning the required documents to adhere to the legal regulations of both the country parties. For instance, the United Kingdom will not compromise on the laws regulating the levels of carbon emission; thus, your car must pass the eco-friendly test to be eligible. Certain counties also restrict cars that are on the mortgage until paid completely.

You must go to the nearest RTA and submit your documents to cancel your registration. You will receive an export certificate upon cancellation. If the vehicle is not registered, most RTAs provide an export vehicle test to be eligible for exports. The center will evaluate the number against the engine and guarantee shipment compatibility. Such tests come with a fee, which can vary per location. In certain conditions, you must also submit a trade license if you operate through a company. If the car is purchased on loan, you will need to submit the mortgage release letter from the bank to show that you have settled the loan in full payment. Keep the following documents prepared:

  • Original & copy of the passport (UAE & final destination)
  • Original car registration card
  • License plates
  • Export insurance certificate
  • Original export certificate
  • Car valuation reports
  • Passport and Visa of the shipper and consignee
  • Emirates ID
  • Vehicle Insurance

Understanding The Time & Cost Plane Based On The Final Destination


Depending on the final destination, you are bound to hold the burden of certain charges and different durations of exports. But before evaluating the burden, it is necessary to gauge the car’s eligibility for exporting. The criteria vary from country to country.

For instance, exporting to parts of Europe demands a copy of your driving license, postal address, and contact number. You must provide travel ticket copies and registration cards if you are not a resident. Car inspection is also a compulsory requirement and can vastly influence the shipment cost. Excluding tax duties and imports, given below are the estimated price of shipment to different countries:

Country Price (AED) Transit Time In Days Via Waterways
Belgium 4,600 34
Bulgaria 7,500 28
Croatia 6,900 27
Cyprus 7,500 25
Denmark 7,900 42
Estonia 7,800 34
Finland 7,400 37 to 41
France 6,200 28 to 37
Georgia 7,500 28
Greece 6,330 to 6,900 13 to 25
Germany 6,330 to 7,600 29 to 39
Ireland 7,400 38
Italy 6,200 to 6,900 22 to 37
Lithuania 7,400 40
Latvia 7,400 38
Netherlands 6,300 28
Norway 7,400 35
Poland 7,800 42
Portugal 8,200 42
Romania 6,700 29
Russia 7,400 45
Slovakia 6,900 27
Spain 6,200 to 7,300 25 to 35
Sweden 7,400 37 to 44
Ukraine 6,700 29
India & Pakistan 5,100 6-7
USA 9,500 to 26,000 26


The Right Export Company Can Make All The Difference


Partnering with a top Dubai car export company can bring decades of experience and expertise in handling exports and client demands with ISO certifications. They can help you create a sleek experience to handle vehicle exports directly from the UAE while also availing yourself of top-of-the-line solutions, customer service, and logistics solutions. They will also provide a broad array of top-notch cars ranging from Toyota and Lexus Mitsubishi to Nissan to suit the requirements of all clients residing over the globe. They can also assist by providing specialized transportation equipment like heavy trucks and machinery, which will assure you that you will get great value for the money you invest in.

Supplying brand-new cards from reliable export companies can help you reach out to their professional teams in real time. They can also handle the documentation and provide tax-free exports as per the requirement of their clients. As they provide customized vehicles for various NGOs, hospitals, ambulances, and other international organizations, you can expect nothing less than quality service from these folks. From logistics support to competitive pricing, you can avail transparency and cost-effectiveness under one roof.

If you want to bulk supply to traders and companies but are unable to navigate your way through the elaborate process of documentation, partnering up with a reliable exporter can bring your company huge savings and profits, along with the advantage of working with a professional environment, technical teams, and advanced technology, significantly enhancing your brand image. All-in-all, you are assured of quality commitment for both the products and services, consistently exceeding the expectations of their clients in terms of performance. A reliable company uses systematic management schemes and procedures to integrate your needs and requirements in all aspects constantly.

Always look for ISO 9001:2015 Certification on the website further to gauge the international recognition and quality standard maintenance. It also provides insurance to sleek management systems that satisfy your requirements. Good exporters also launch sustainable development initiatives that strive for the personnel to provide high-quality service and more international recognition. Their professional terms also integrate a rigorous evaluation process that incorporates the development of documentation, auditing, initial assessment, and eliminating non-conformances.

And that marks the end of all you need to know to export cars from UAE to different parts of the world. Knowing the terms and conditions is essential for any international affair, and this couldn’t be more true with vehicles. For instance, you will need to take a pledge from the alliance by a certified Dubai showroom or your actual seller. Some requirements also state to put a Salik tag on the plates and return them to the local RTA. As the requirements differ, it is essential to research the requirements based on the final country.