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13 Best Switch Panel For Jeep JK – A Complete Buying Guide of 2022

Is your Jeep full of a tangle of wires going to different accessories, each with its own relay and fuses?

If you’re tired of this wiring mess, finding the best switch panel for Jeep JK is the solution that will make everyone’s life easier.

Having a Switch panel allows you to add any accessories in an organized and simple way, making both the installation and use of these items so much easier.

The Comparison Table of Best Switch Panel For Jeep JK (2022 Updated)

VoswitchFits: 2007-2018, 8-Switch
ApolloIntechFits: 2007-2018, 4-Switch
VoswitchFits: 2007-2018, 8-Switch
ApolloIntechFits: 2007-2018, 6-Switch
Rugged RidgeFits: 2007-2018, 5-Switch

What is The Best Switch Panel for Jeep JK?

The one brand that conquered everyone’s hearts is Voswitch.

Its excellent reviews confirm its advantages, while the satisfying price-quality ratio attracts more and more interested customers.

The kit comes with every single item required for an easy installation, and the switches are just enough to cover anyone’s needs.

Why is Voswitch The Best Brand of Switch Panels for Jeep JK?

Voswitch combines an aesthetic design with easy installation and efficient use.

The brand offers panel switches that are compatible with a large range of Jeep JK models, from 2007 to 2018.

This brand is appreciated for its quality, including a water-resistant power box and 8 gauge leads that attach to the battery.

Voswitch’s dimensions are calculated so it fits the vehicle perfectly, while the strong steel material ensures its durability.

Top 13 Best Switch Panel For Jeep JK Reviews

01. VOSWITCH ‎8RS-GREEN – Best Jeep JK Switch Panel


Highlighted Features

  • 8 switches
  • Waterproof power module
  • Ignition Control & Cut off function for low voltage
  • Green/blue backlight color
  • 12 Volts
  • Diodes for electrical protection

Choosing the best switch panel for Jeep JK is the key to cleaning up the wiring chaos created by all your car’s accessories.

Voswitch occupies first place in our list due to its incredible advantages and modern technology.

The device can be separated into 2 major components: the power module and the switch panel.

The power module comes with Ignition Control, smartly constructed to manage the electrical power that arrives at the ignition coil.

To add to this feature, the low voltage cut-off will automatically disconnect the load from the battery.

On the other hand, when it comes to the aesthetic part, the simple and efficient design of Voswitch sets it apart from other brands.

The material is strong and durable, while the backlight brightness can be adjusted automatically.

The device even has the capacity to memorize your settings and create the perfect conditions when driving.


  • Comes with 15 switches, even if you need just 8 of them
  • Brightness settings that adjust automatically
  • Easy set-up
  • Full installation kit provided


  • Outlets are only designed for US use

02. APOLLOINTECH 4 SWITCH SYSTEM – Best Jeep JK Switch Panel


Highlighted Features

  • Solder terminal
  • Blue backlight
  • 10 Switch covers for protection
  • Plug & Play setup
  • 4 switches

In the run for the best switch panel for Jeep JK, Apollointech is just one place behind Voswitch.

With durable components and a user-friendly aspect, this device is an excellent choice for your next acquisition.

What gives this brand advantage is the range of customization offered through its 10 different switch covers.

Even more, the pack includes a spare switch and a removal tool, so you can change the covers as you please.

Individual switches are also available online if one of the original ones breaks unexpectedly.

The panel has a simple look, incorporating red lights that your eyes are comfortable with during a night drive.

To add to this aspect, the lights stay on constantly as the car is running, so they are easy to check anytime.


  • Great quality, long term use
  • Perfect dimensions for Jeep JK, no trimming involved
  • Comes with labeled components for installation
  • Red lights on the panel, comfortable both in daylight and darkness


  • The control box isn’t water-resistant
  • Instructions for setup aren’t clear

03. VOSWITCH ‎JK100 – Best Switch Panel For Jeep JK


Highlighted Features

  • Available on White, Amber, or Green
  • Panel with color options that imitate your dash light
  • 8 programmable switches
  • Replaceable fuses
  • Waterproof module
  • 2 types of installation are available

As if the first place wasn’t enough, Voswitch didn’t stop at creating one amazing jeep JK switch panel.

Its models are constantly improving over time, adding new features and impressive designs.

Voswitch JK100 comes with 8 rocker switches and 1 master switch with adjustable properties.

While one short touch can start or stop the device, a long one can accommodate the brightness.

Moreover, you can choose from 4 backlight colors and customize the unit to your own taste.

Even with a nice aspect, the brand didn’t forget about efficiency.

The waterproof water module, along with the different installation options put this switch panel in our top choices.

Set it up with the ball mount with the panel holder, this device will surely raise your expectations.


  • Perfect for off-road passionates
  • Can be installed in just an hour


  • The sticker sheet needs more variety

04. AUXBEAM QPAB002198


Highlighted Features

  • Operating voltage of 24 volts
  • Backlight brightness changes automatically
  • IGBT technology for safer use
  • Over-voltage protection
  • More installation options
  • 8 Gang Switch Panel

Auxbeam is another known name when it comes to Jeep JK switch panels.

This professional brand adds interesting properties and features, like an incorporated state relay that saves considerable space, compared to the classic, large one.

Another quality worth mentioning is the high operating voltage of 24 volts that can be widely used for different vehicles, from cars to boat trucks, trailers, or UTVs.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this device. Literally, the only vehicle that doesn’t fit its characteristics is a plane.

The switch panel comes with 50 adhesive labels and two types of attaching brackets. What makes it stand up is the modern technology involved for safe use.

This includes ACC wires, over-voltage security, thermal and reverse polarity protection.


  •  Includes mounting components
  • Professionally manufactured


  • Too bright during the night
  • ACC ignition tap might have problems

05. AUXBEAM QPAB006238


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum material
  • Touch switches
  • Compact control box
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Waterproof connectors
  • 6 Gang switch panel

The time for complex wiring and headaches is gone. Auxbeam saves the day with another impressive device.

A 6 gang switch panel that fits multiple vehicles, compacting its technology in a small control box that is both safe and efficient.

If mounting brackets aren’t your first option, the panel comes with 3M adhesive tape that sticks to both sides.

Even more, the installation process is explained in detail, making your life easier.

Here are all the steps: connect the red cable to “+” and the black one to “-”, then attach the red wire to the ACC.

Now all that’s left is to associate the control box to the switch panel and place it wherever you wish.

Last but not least, the dimming light function operates by comparing the brightness of the outside environment and adjusting the brightness level of your device accordingly. You don’t have to move a finger.


  • Easy setup, installation guide provided
  • Sensitive dimming function
  • Perfect fit


  • Ignition must be on the run position for the device to work
  • Small master button



Highlighted Features

  • Blue backlight
  • 6 rocker switches, 1 touch switch
  • Plug & Play
  • 40 Amp Relay
  • Diodes for sensitive LEDs
  • 12 Volts

Apollointech is the brand that takes care of people that have their heads in the clouds.

Adding an integrated Low voltage cut-off function, this panel will save the day if you forgot an accessory during the night, decreasing the voltage so there’s enough energy left to start the car in the morning.

Moreover, Apollointech puts great effort into creating a safe device, with thermal and overload protection that will protect any connected lights or accessories.

The fuse box simply disconnects if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, maintaining proper functioning without endangering anyone.

Finally, the Diodes are added to protect delicate components, like LEDs from collapsing.

Overall, with excellent wiring and extra features, the Apollointech is worth taking into consideration as your next Jeep JK switch panel


  • Cabling of great quality
  • Comes with all necessary items, including extra switch covers and zip ties
  • Light can be dimmed at night


  • Instructions aren’t the best
  • May remain blocked while turned on

07. AUXBEAM QPAP002561


Highlighted Features

  • 8 Gang Switch Panel with LEDs
  • The maximum voltage of 24 Volts
  • IP65 waterproof protection
  • Blue backlight
  • Self-adaptive light perception

An 8 gang switch panel for Jeep JK is the most convenient way to control all your accessories and lights with one touch. This model functions between -40 and +105 degrees Celsius.

With such an impressive range of use and an impressive universal fitment, Auxbeam creates yet another device worth mentioning in the top 13 best switch panels for Jeep JK.

Considering technical specifications, the device operates on a maximum current of 60A, with a total power that will go up to 1200W when set at 24Volts.

This means that a variety of accessories and lights can be connected without any worries, including Led tock lights, fans, horns, and many others.

To add to these qualities, the panel comes with a full installation kit, so there’s no need to stress yourself about extra components or needed tools.

The package even includes a set of 50 adhesive labels that allow you to customize the panel as you wish.


  • Comes with a reset breaker & extra bolts
  • Compact control box
  • Great overall quality


  • The fuse panel may have technical problems
  • Installation can be tricky

08. RUGGED RIDGE ‎17235.73


Highlighted Features

  • 4 switches
  • Automatic/manual transmission
  • Color: textured charcoal
  • 5 laser-etched & 2 rocket switches
  • Thermoplastic, resistant material

Rugged Ridge is a famous brand when it comes to Jeep accessories.

So, if your friend is an off-road enthusiast, chances are he’ll be able to give you some advice on this device.

Rugged Ridge’s smart design and efficient manufacturing are well-known in the industry, creating each year more and more exciting devices for Jeep owners.

The panel is made out of thermoplastic material, impact-resistant, replacing a part of the original dash panel of the vehicle.

From an aesthetic point of view, the panel’s color matches the original color of the dash, ensuring a nice look and comfortable use, while the white lights on the switches ensure safety and comfort during the night.

The kit comes with position rocker switches that can include: Zombie Lights, Light Bar Lights, Rock Lights, Off-Road Lights, and others.

The choice is up to you. Even more, it can be used with both manual and automatic transmission.


  • Thick, quality material
  • Operates flawlessly
  • Modern design


  • It’s not a perfect fit for jeep Sports JL



Highlighted Features

  • Dual USB charger incorporated
  • Universal fit
  • Build-in voltmeter for LED voltage display
  • Durable, metal materials
  • Comes with 2 sets of adhesive labels & fixing screws

If anyone can add creativity to a technical item, it’s the Nilight.

This brand offers exciting additions, like customizable panels with stickers that glow in the dark, USB chargers, and voltmeters.

With its unique ideas, Nilight truly caught the eye of many Jeep and off-road enthusiasts.

Apart from its modern aspect and interesting features, this simple 4 gang device is known for its quality.

It’s made of ABS and premium PC, so temperature changes, as well as possible impacts, will not affect its function.

Even more, the panel can be used to charge two different devices at the same time, 40% faster than normal.

It works for all devices that can be powered through a USB port and it comes with a voltmeter that shows the current-voltage state of the vehicle.


  • Easy to connect/disconnect
  • The stickers glow in the dark
  • Great quality-price ratio


  • Stickers have small dimensions

10. PRIMELUX ‎90290106


Highlighted Features

  • Over-voltage & reverse polarity protection
  • Material: Aluminum & ABS
  • Easy to clean
  • Brighteness dimmer function
  • Compact control box
  • Maximum power of 720 W

We already mentioned incredible additions to varied switch panels, including an automatic dimming of brightness depending on the surrounding environment or numerous protection systems, like the over-voltage or thermal ones.

In addition to all those, Primelux offers a high-quality, durable panel made of ABS and aluminum that perfectly fits a large range of vehicles, from your Jeep JK to trucks, UTVs, ATVs, or marine vehicles.

Don’t be fooled by the small dimensions of this device. The compact and efficient circuit box saves considerable space while ensuring an easy installation.

That being said, choose the perfect spot and set it up anywhere, as the kit comes with multiple installation options.


  • Versatility & easy use
  • Work flawlessly
  • Nice selection of decals for all switches


  • The switch panel is not waterproof



Highlighted Features

  • Operating Voltage of 12 Volts
  • 6-way circuit
  • Blue backlight
  • Specifically designed for Jeep JK 2007-2018
  • 80 A circuit breaker
  • Voltage indicator

Made from alloy steel, Pofenze switch panels come with a smart technology used to assemble a 6-way circuit path, enough to allow you to organize the tangled wires that sit in your car.

Solve all wiring problems and connect all accessories and LED lights to a compact, modern device.

The device is fitted for all Jeep JK/ JKU models, 2007-2018. Its specifications are excellent, including an 80A circuit breaker, with a maximum output of 960W and a 6 gangs relay of 100A.

In addition to these, the plug & play installation makes every customer’s life easier.

In terms of safety, all wires are covered in durable, specialized nylon that is isolated and protects flawlessly.

And if you are not yet convinced, in case of any troubles, the support team is available at all times and can come to your aid.


  • It cuts off accessories at 11 volts
  • Safety systems to prevent overheating
  • Aesthetic aspect


  • Not a direct fit on 2007 JK, needs modifications



Highlighted Features

  • 6 rocker toggle switches
  • 12 Volts
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler JK
  • No need for trimming/drilling
  • 80A Circuit Breaker

The first thing anyone notices about this panel is how extraordinary it looks.

Modern, but still classy, the product adds style to any vehicle’s interior, not to mention how it looks in a Jeep Wrangler JK.

Another feature that must be mentioned is the digital voltmeter, situated right in the middle of the panel.

The switches around it emit a comfortable, yet easily noticeable blue light that makes your night drive both safe and enjoyable.

Last but not least, it is specially designed for Jeep JK, so the installation will be easy and fast, with no drilling, trimming or other modifications included.


  • Comes with all necessary items for setup
  • Efficient customer service
  • Firm, strong material
  • Fixed, stays in place


  • Installation instructions aren’t clear
  • Not available on multiple colors



Highlighted Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • 4 extra switch pieces
  • Specifically produced for Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Incorporated LEDs
  • Works with 600-1200W

Each switch panel for Jeep JK is unique through its details, using the creativity and intelligence of designers to create models that are constantly competing against each other.

Xprite is one of these. Adding push-button switches, the brand assures the easiest use and access to the panel.

While the aluminum material makes the device resistant to extreme conditions, from overheating to accidents, the technology inside it operates with 24 Volts and power of 600-1200W.

The switch panel comes with 5 different settings for its backlight, adjusting the brightness easily.

Moreover, the product is water-resistant and possesses a powerful anti-interference capacity.


  • Efficient in the long run
  • Can sustain a lot of accessories
  • Easy installation


  • Wiring to an ignition source may be difficult

The Buying Considerations of Best Switch Panel For Jeep JK

Now that you know all the amazing brands that are out there and we analyzed thoroughly everything they have to offer, it’s time to choose.

Here is an organized list of specifications and properties to consider before buying the best switch panel for Jeep JK.

01. Number of Switches

This choice depends strictly on your needs. Are you so excited about accessories and LED lights that you trip over tangled wires?

Then it’s clear that you need an 8 gang switch panel, with as many connections as possible. You’ll be grateful that you discovered it.

On the other hand, if 2 or 3 additional wires are the ones causing problems, an efficient 4 gang switch panel is perfect.

Moreover, most of them incorporate additional structures, like voltmeters and USB ports to make your experience even better.

02. Operating Voltage

This represents the number of Volts required to power systems. It’s a long explanation, but there’s no need to get technical about it.

Most switch panels for Jeep JK fall in one of 2 categories: 12 Volts or 24 Volts.

Higher voltage means that the system is operating better. Keep this in mind when checking the specifications of all products.

03. Installation

At first, installation doesn’t seem to be on the list for the most important aspects of switch panels.

However, when you find yourself without breath, trying to fix the device or drill the perfectly positioned holes, your opinion may change.

Always read reviews and installation tips from other users and add clear, easy instructions and a full installation kit on the checking list.

04. Brightness Dimmer Function

This function is not only a modern and comfortable feature, but also an important safety measure.

Driving at night is more difficult and challenging than driving in the middle of a beautiful, sunny day.

The best switch panel for Jeep JK should be able to detect the brightness of its surroundings and automatically modify its own accordingly.

This way, you won’t be blinded at night by small, yet powerful lights, but you will still be able to see them easily.

05. Protection Features

We just mentioned that adjusting the brightness is an efficient safety measure.

Well, there are even more out there. These include: overheating protection, overvoltage security, thermal & even reverse-polarity protection.

When it comes to protection against impacts or extreme temperatures, the material is also important.

Go for thermoplastic, strong materials like metal or ABS, that are both aesthetic and efficient.

As a bonus, many trusted brands create universal products that fit cars, trucks, boats, and even more.

However, the best fit for a Jeep JK is more likely to be a brand that is specified in designing these devices only for Jeeps and off-road enthusiasts.


All in all, what matters most when choosing the best switch panel for Jeep JK?

It has to check all the necessary presented above, maybe even add some extra ones.

All the amazing brands out there are creating better and better technology, but in the end, the choice must fit your specific needs.

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