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Top 14 Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK/TJ/XJ Upgrade in 2022

If you are looking for the best replacement radiator for Jeep JK for adequate heat removal for optimum vehicle cooling. Here is the right place to be.

One of the biggest issues many Jeep owners have to deal with, especially off-road enthusiasts, is overheating.

It is common among people who live in hot or humid regions and wouldn’t stop pushing or operating the engine to its limit.

Although there are several methods to tackle the issue of overheating in the vehicle. Radiator replacement or upgrade is a popular, affordable, and pretty decent approach.

Settling for a reliable Jeep JK radiator replacement, top-class Jeep TJ radiator upgrade, or putting on the best radiator for Jeep XJ will eliminate overheating, ensuring the engine delivers optimum performance from time to time.

To avoid the challenges of product research, especially for individuals who are new to replacing their radiator and do not know the selection procedures.

We have selected 14 reliable designs/brands for Jeep JK, TJ, and XJ that are worth the pick.

TYC, Sunbelt Radiator, Mishimoto, ‎Automotive Cooling Inc, ‎AW ALLOYWORKS, Spectra Premium, Tiziri, DNA Motoring, and CSF RADIATOR are names to look out for.


Table of Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK in 2022

TYCFits: 2007-2018
‎Sunbelt RadiatorsFits: Jeep Wranglerr JK
MishimotoFits: 2007-2018
‎Automotive Cooling IncFits: 2007-2017
‎AW ALLOYWORKSFits: 2007-2015
Cooling CareFits: 1987-2006
‎Spectra PremiumFits: Model ‎CU2101
MishimotoFits: 1997-2006
TiziriFits: 1987-2006
‎Spectra PremiumFits: 97
TYCFits: 2005-2008
DNA MotoringFits: 2005-2010
MishimotoFits: 1989-2001
CSF RadiatorFits: Radiator Jeep Cherokee 2.5L (2000-1998) & Jeep Cherokee 4.0L (2001-1991)

What is The Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK/TJ/XJ?

Our list is loaded with carefully selected designs across the Jeep JK, TJ, and XJ.

This ensures individuals who own/drive any of these models can make the appropriate upgrade/replacement they need to improve the engine’s performance and lifespan.

With numerous money-worthy options on our list, we can only pick one product across the three Jeep models as our best choice or most preferred design.

After careful comparisons and considerations, we eventually settled for TYC 2957 as the best replacement radiator for Jeep JK.

On the other hand, ‎Cooling Care and Spectra-Premium-CU1193 pick up the spot for the best radiator for Jeep TJ and Jeep XJ, respectively.

Why TYC 2957 is The Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK?

TYC 2957 is an excellent design choice for individuals fascinated by a radiator that supports OEM fitting and style at an affordable price.

Its superior aluminum construction and durable components combine excellently to offer extended quality and performance than most designs, even the expensive options.

The box has/includes the accessories that support easy installation/attachment.

Also, the integration doesn’t require any form of adjustment or modifications on the vehicle before the radiator can slot into position.

Why is ‎Cooling Care The Best Radiator For Jeep TJ?

This radiator is famous for its outstanding features. Its superior aluminum construction and metallic finish are the assurance of long-lasting engine optimization or improvement.

Cooling Care radiator establishes reliable and consistent cooling power that keeps the engine cool in the hottest period, keeping the overheating effects in check.

Its impressive cooling performance has earned it a high level of interest and recommendations among Jeep TJ owners in the temperate region.

The installation is smooth and easy. Modifications/adjustments are not required to achieve an accurate integration. In the end, it encourages OEM fitting and style.

Why is Spectra-Premium-CU1193 The Jeep XJ Radiator Upgrade?

Spectra-Premium-CU1193 slots into the Jeep XJ effortlessly without the need for any adjustment or modification.

The engineering and overall product design assures long-lasting performance. Thanks to the numerous quality checks and approvals it undergoes before being packaged and shipped to interested buyers.

It allows impressive cooling performance/capability to keep the engine running efficiently over a long period at a pocket-friendly price.

14 Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK/TJ/XJ Reviews

‎01. TYC ‎2957 – Best Jeep JK Radiator Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler
  • Direct OEM fitting and style
  • High-grade aluminum tubes
  • High-density polymer plastic end tanks
  • 8 pounds in weight

The TYC ‎2957 features and attributes are compelling. You won’t find a more effective/better replacement radiator at this price range.

So far, it has positioned itself excellently as the best Jeep JK radiator upgrade anyone could settle with at a price that doesn’t strain the purse or savings.

The aluminum construction is high-grade. Also, the end tanks are made from a durable polymer plastic material that can withstand stress and isn’t affected by the heat generated by the engine.

Individuals who drive the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler and desire a radiator that ensures OEM fitting/style and facilitates an efficient cooling ability can rely on this option to fulfill their needs or preference.

The installation process is smooth, making it suitable for individuals fascinated by independent installation. The completion timeline is about three (3) hours using basic installation tools.


  • Improved cooling efficiency
  • Superior durability for long-lasting performance
  • Modifications/adjustments are not required
  • Budget-friendly design


  • Packaging quality could be better

02. Sunbelt Radiator ‎2957 – Best Jeep JK Radiator Replacement



Highlighted Features

  • Jeep Wrangler 3.6/ 3.8/ V6
  • Aluminum quality is top-grade
  • Direct-fit attachment
  • OEM replacement
  • Lightweight design

Sunbelt Radiator ‎2957 is yet another impressive design that can unquestionably hold the position of the best Jeep JK radiator replacement option for Jeep Wrangler 3.6/ 3.8/ V6.

Although it is designed to deliver the fitting and style of the OEM radiator. Its performance output is better, offering a more efficient reduction in temperature for improved engine performance.

The efficient cooling performance positions the vehicle in a top/excellent condition that supports long-distance trips and off-road adventures over an extended period.

Its aluminum construction material is highly-rated for its superior strength. It improves the radiator’s reliability by resisting elements that could compromise or reduce quality.

Sunbelt Radiator ‎2957 performance is not restricted or broken by stress resulting from extreme temperature or sitting in the traffic for longer hours. Also, it is built to tackle possible rust attacks.

The installation process is uncomplicated. Its accessories fit exceptionally into their respective holes or positions, ensuring accurate/appropriate integration.


  • Slots in perfectly
  • All the installation accessories are appropriate/fitting
  • Efficient cooling performance
  • Obtainable at a great price


  • Some buyers complained about missing part

03. Mishimoto R2957-MT


Highlighted Features

  • Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018
  • Aluminum construction
  • Plastic end tank
  • Direct attachment
  • Durable and resistant to stress

If you drive/own the Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018, irrespective of the transmission (automatic or manual). Mishimoto R2957-MT is a top-class option.

Although the price is slightly higher than most Jeep JK designs around. Its adequate upgrades and improvements are enough satisfaction, making it worth the investment.

If the radiator becomes old, damaged, or clogged, there may be a need to replace it. Do not hesitate to look at this design, provided the acquisition cost is within the budget.

It provides a long-lasting solution to overheating, making the engine run efficiently irrespective of the performance expectations or demands.

The radiator’s heat reduction capability makes it an exciting design for Jeep Wrangler owners living in the hottest region.

Also, it is well-built to resist/withstand the impacts of stress due to increased driving demands.


  • The construction quality is evident
  • Eliminates fitment issues or challenges
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Resistance to rust


  • A bit pricey
  • The manufacturer needs to optimize the packaging quality

04. ‎Automotive Cooling Inc


Highlighted Features

  • 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler (3.6L & 3.8L)
  • High-grade construction material and components
  • OEM specifications
  • Direct replacement
  • Rubber mounts

Automotive Cooling Inc brings prolonged satisfaction and worth for the money.

It is designed/engineered according to OEM specifications. It supports excellent/reliable engine improvements or upgrades when mounted on compatible Jeep JK model year.

Impressively, it works for both manual and auto transmission and can be installed independently without issues.

Nevertheless, the installer must follow appropriate steps to achieve accurate fitment.

Several installation videos on YouTube provide a reliable and easy understanding of the steps and tips to follow.

The attachment exercise or task is what anyone can undergo, even beginners.

The installation takes two (2) and three (3) hours. However, having a helping hand could make it shorter or faster.

The construction material is impressive. The radiator appears well made, promising extended durability and longevity.


  • Accurate fitment
  • Extended durability and longevity
  • Worth the money


  • Missing mounting accessories due to poor packaging



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2015 (3.6L & 3.8L V6)
  • Built from a superior aluminum material
  • 5-inch inlet & outlet
  • 26 x 23.46 x 9.21 inches in dimension
  • 67 pounds in weight

An unexpected failure or damage to the existing radiator could create unnecessary panic. This is especially true if it is the first time the Jeep JK owner is confronted with such an issue or experience.

AW ALLOYWORKS is an inexpensive design anyone could consider to get their engine back in top condition pending the time they can afford a more durable design.

Although this radiator is not at the same level as the expensive options. However, it assures good value for the money.

The kit contains the required installation components. Each component is built to line up accurately for an outstanding experience.

Nevertheless, the installer needs to have adequate knowledge of the task and embrace a lot of patience while at it, especially when installing the fan.

A major issue raised by a few buyers is about the welds. They believe the quality could be better for the price.

The manufacturer needs to raise the standard or quality to eliminate premature leaks for extended durability and long-lasting performance.


  • The build/construction is robust/durable
  • Unchallenging installation
  • Inexpensive radiator
  • Comes with necessary mounting accessories


  • The welds could be more durable

Best Radiator For Jeep TJ

06. Cooling Care Radiator – Best Aluminum Radiator For Jeep TJ


Highlight Features

  • 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Aluminum construction is high-grade
  • Top-class metallic finish
  • Trans oil cooler (built-in)
  • Core row design (3)
  • ‎15.97 pounds in weight

Cooling Care Radiator is the best aluminum radiator for Jeep TJ money can buy.

It promises unmatched robustness that facilitates uncompromised cooling power and efficiency at all times, especially during the hottest period of the year.

The excellent design/build pattern and its high-grade aluminum construction establish unmatched strength, fighting off possible effects of overheating on the engine’s response and performance.

With up to a 45% raise in cooling efficiency, Jeep TJ owners can drive across a long distance and engage in off-road adventures without placing unnecessary stress on the engine.

The installation/integration is achieved without altering or modifying any component. It slots in directly/accurately with no challenges or issues.

Cooling Care Radiator is worth the pick. It delivers beyond the cost of purchase.

While the top-quality aluminum supports adequate strength for long-lasting performance. The metallic finish further extends the longevity by delivering uncompromised protection against rust.

The cooling line or line connector in the package could be small for the Jeep Wrangler 2005 model.

Hence, the buyer might need to invest in an accurate or suitable aftermarket line connector to avoid premature failure or disappointment.


  • The radiator is fully aluminum made
  • Superior stress and heat handling capability
  • Rust resistant
  • Enhances cooling efficiency by up to 45%


  • The line connector is somewhat small

07. Spectra Premium ‎CU2101 – Best Jeep TJ Radiator Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Aluminum construction
  • Better tube wall thickness
  • Compatible with auto transmission
  • 18 x 20.5 x 4.75 inches in dimension
  • 88 pounds in weight

Spectra Premium ‎CU2101 doesn’t fall short of its performance promises. It delivers on the features and benefits outlined in the product description.

If you are looking for a reliable replacement option for a failed or old radiator. Here is the best Jeep TJ radiator upgrade anyone could get at its price.

The engineering is top-notch, making it a suitable or ideal OEM replacement option.

Its top-quality packaging ensures all the necessary mounting accessories for easy attachment to the engine remain intact during shipment. The durable aluminum construction supports extended performance.

As a result, the radiator optimizes the engine’s performance by reducing stress due to excessive heat or rising temperature in extreme conditions.

The holes provided to accommodate the sheet metal bolts are too large, making it impossible to keep the fan cowling intact or in the best position.

The installer will have to pick up an appropriate bolt size for the best outcomes.


  • Provides similar performance outputs as the OEM
  • Reduces stress on the engine in extreme conditions
  • Extended durability
  • Doesn’t warp due to thermal expansion


  • The fan shield could need new bolts

08. Mishimoto MMRAD-WRA-87


Highlighted Features

  • Jeep Wrangler 1997-2006 (2.5L/4.0L)
  • Aluminum TIG welded
  • 97-inch core thickness
  • 26-inch inlet & 1.5-inch outlet
  • 8 x 23 x 3.7 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Mishimoto MMRAD-WRA-87 is another excellent radiator choice for compatible Jeep Wrangler models.

The engineering and craftsmanship are exceptional and can’t be overlooked.

Also, the construction quality is excellent, ensuring efficient and consistent temperature reduction (up 10° or more) over a long period.

This radiator can withstand the effect of stress that may attempt to lower or affect the engine’s functionality and performance.

Although some users are delighted by the quality of the welds for long-lasting performance and optimum satisfaction.

A few buyers complained about experiencing leaks after a few months of use.

We believe the manufacturer can improve on the gaps in quality by ensuring every product goes through intensive rounds of testing for outstanding quality assurance.

If you are confronted with issues before and after installation, do not hesitate to speak to the vendors/seller to find out how they can be resolved.


  • Uncomplicated integration
  • Efficient temperature reduction
  • The packaging quality is outstanding


  • Welding quality is a major concern among a few buyers

09. Tiziri 8706 Radiator – Best Radiator For Jeep Tj


Highlighted Features

  • 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • Transmission cooler (built-in)
  • Comes in three (3) core row
  • ‎28.5 x 25.5 x 6 inches in dimension
  • 97 pounds in weight

Tiziri 8706 Radiator is unarguably a well-thought-out design, making it difficult to pinpoint a particular fault in its quality and performance.

It is considered one of the best and investment-worthy radiator designs for several remarkable reasons, ranking higher than most designs.

If you own/drive the 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) and desire a reliable radiator to replace the blocked, damaged, or ineffective stock/factory radiator for efficient cooling capability. This design is a worthy pick.

The installation is not complicated, not even for beginners. Its lightweight makes lifting easy, allowing for independent integration.

Although the pack comes with the installation accessories. Some parts are not made available.

Hence, the installer may have to retain some accessories from the old radiator to replace the missing ones in the new design.

Also, the transmission lines may require additional fittings to link them appropriately. These fittings or parts are not scarce or difficult to purchase.

Its exceptional heat reduction capability makes a difference of up to 45%.


  • Comes with integration accessories
  • Slots into position freely
  • Compatible with automatic and manual transmissions


  • Some parts/components are missing

Best Radiator For Jeep XJ

10. Spectra Premium ‎CU1193 – Best Jeep XJ Radiator Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Durable aluminum construction
  • Compatible with automatic transmission
  • OE clevis pins where necessary
  • Installation accessories
  • 78 x 22.25 x 4.63 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

When it comes to investing in a product/design that encourages the best Jeep XJ radiator upgrade performance, Spectra Premium ‎CU1193 is a name that should come to mind.

Its durable and well-made construction pattern is evidence of the exceptional engineering the manufacturer settled for during construction.

This makes it a top choice for individuals interested in a suitable or satisfactory stock replacement.

The packaging quality is brilliant. It keeps the radiator protected from damage or possible dent to the finish due to poor handling during shipment to retain its quality and appealing look.

Also, all the necessary installation accessories remain intact. As a result, the installer or buyer won’t have to bother purchasing/replacing any missing parts.

Although Spectra Premium ‎CU1193 aids unrestricted cooling performance under several conditions, optimal heat emission could be a challenge or issue when operated or subjected to extra loads.

Avoid operating the vehicle under excessive loads for the best performance.


  • Tube wall thickness is enhanced
  • Durable construction for long-lasting quality and performance
  • Extreme weather conditions do not limit/restrict performance
  • Reasonably priced


  • May not be able to withstand additional loads

11. TYC 2839 – Best Radiator for Jeep XJ


Highlighted Features

  • OEM replacement
  • Top-class aluminum construction
  • High-density polymer plastic end tanks
  • Improved tubing and fin design
  • 8 pounds in weight

If you need a radiator that fulfills top-class performance at a budget-friendly price. TYC 2839 is a top consideration.

Its top-class aluminum construction and high-density polymer plastic end tanks encourage improved durability.

This makes sure the radiator holds up well, irrespective of the conditions or demands.

It is built to last longer than most of the designs on the market, especially those within its price range.

TYC 2839 monitors the engine’s temperature from time to time to make sure it stays within the recommended range.

As a result, overheating is taken care of for efficient engine performance.

To appreciate all the performance upgrades/benefits it brings to the fullest, embrace proper maintenance.


  • Optimizes cooling efficiency
  • The tanks are heat resistant
  • Affordable radiator
  • Fits accurately on compatible vehicles


  • Quality control should be optimized

12. DNA Motoring ‎OEM-RA-2839


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2005-2010 Grand Cherokee
  • Full T-6061 aluminum construction
  • Tube and fin design
  • Direct installation or fitment
  • 8 x 26 x 7.7 inches in dimension
  • 62 pounds in weight

If you are deliberate about eliminating leaks without having to pay a premium. DNA Motoring ‎OEM-RA-2839 is an impressive replacement/upgrade radiator to consider.

The Full T-6061 aluminum construction and its high-quality components facilitate excellent heat reduction ability over reasonable miles.

Before anyone picks up this radiator, compatibility must be verified. It perfectly fits the ideal vehicle models, eliminating integration issues or challenges.

The packaging quality should be a significant improvement area. The box should be filled with enough polystyrene foam to keep the radiator safe from possible damage during shipment, especially the plastic components.


  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Prevent premature engine damage/failure
  • Value for the money


  • Packaging quality needs to be improved

13. Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89


Highlighted Features

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (1989-2001)
  • All-aluminum design
  • Direct fit/installation
  • TIG-welded construction
  • 2 x 33.25 x 7.7 inches in dimension
  • 75 pounds in weight

Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 is one of the high-end radiator designs on our list and even on the market.

It is built for individuals who desire the best performance they could get from their radiator, especially for heavy operations, irrespective of the price.

If you are someone who hauls or tows often, this radiator supports heavy loads.

Its efficient heat dissipation capability and superior temperature reduction keep the engine running at a top-level by preventing overheating.

The numerous remarkable outcomes make it a top value for the money.

Interested buyers are advised to pay attention to the list of vehicle models it is made/designed for.

Do not purchase if your Jeep XJ model year is not included in the product description to avoid fitment issues.


  • Optimizes the cooling capacity up to 90%
  • Withstands heavy loads (hauling and towing)
  • An ideal choice for warm climates


  • It is costly

14. CSF 2671


Highlighted Features

  • Jeep Cherokee (2.5L 2000-1998) & (4.0L 2001-1991)
  • Aluminum build/construction
  • Direct bolt-on installation
  • OEM replacement
  • 2 pounds in weight

In case your Jeep XJ radiator fails or starts leaking, CSF 2671 is a quality replacement option that anyone could consider to get the vehicle back on track.

It slots nicely into position without modifications or adjustments. Also, anyone can perform the mounting exercise independently using the basic/usual repair or installation tools.

The aluminum build quality assures long-lasting durability, ensuring the engine retains a consistent temperature that restricts overheating while driving on the highway or across the city.

Its heavyweight build could make lifting a bit challenging for some vehicle owners. If the weight seems out of place, do not hesitate to ask for help for an easy or stress-free installation.


  • Top-quality at an affordable price
  • Rust and leak resistant
  • Easy installation/mounting
  • Temperature reduction is consistent


  • Heavyweight design

The Buying Considerations For Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK

01. Purchase Cost

Coming up with a plan and sticking to it is critical to any purchase.

Buyers will be able to plan according to their purse, eliminating the frustration that could come from overspending or going beyond what they could possibly afford at a given time.

Once a budget is in place, interested buyers can easily decide on the category of products/designs to go for.

Check the list of radiators within the budget range and narrow down the options until you find a design that meets the desired performance needs.

Contrary to what a few people think, not all affordable or budget-friendly products compromise quality.

Our list of the best radiators for Jeep JK/TJ/XJ comprises top-quality designs across all price categories.

This further emphasizes the possibility of getting a radiator that meets the performance needs of every buyer, irrespective of their financial plan.

02. Installation

Your radiator choice should not raise the initial financial plan or budget due to the cost of hiring a professional installer.

Individuals who do not have a robust budget or extra bucks to spare after the purchase should stick to a design that supports an uncompromised independent installation.

The package must include the necessary installation accessories/components. It must slot in effortlessly using the basic tools without modifications or adjustments.

03. Compatibility

An easy way to avoid stress or frustrations that could arise during installation is to stick to a design made specifically for the Jeep model that you own/drive.

Irrespective of the features and performance upgrades a particular radiator could promise. It won’t deliver on these features or benefits if it isn’t a perfect fit for your vehicle.

The buyer may have to return the radiator to the seller, which might take a few days or weeks to get an accurate fit.

Not everyone has the resources to cope with the long wait time of not having their vehicle available.

04. Construction Material

Radiators are made/constructed using various materials. Plastic and aluminum are the most common or widely used materials. Plastic-made radiators are the most affordable design.

However, they are more prone to failure than aluminum and metal radiators due to cracks that may result from constant expansion and retraction.

Although the reduced/lowered durability attribute could be a disadvantage, it also has its benefit.

For instance, the user won’t worry about coolant contamination due to rust. In terms of reliability, aluminum radiators offer the highest performance.

Aluminum-constructed radiators do not suffer from continuous/quick expansion. They are well-made and adequately equipped to wade off the impact of rust on quality.

05. The Fans

Radiator fans could either be mechanical or electrical. A lot of modern designs now come with an electrical fan due to its efficient energy usage/consumption.

On average, an electrical fan enables increased engine performance, improving the horsepower.

Settling for a top-quality design with an electrical fan is more economical when choosing a radiator to buy.

However, if the buyer has some benefits attached to installing a radiator with a mechanical fan. They can equally go for a design of choice.

The Common FAQ’s of Best Replacement Radiator For Jeep JK

01. What Does The Radiator Do?

The radiator makes up a critical component of the vehicle’s cooling system.

Whenever the radiator fails or doesn’t perform as expected/required. A lot of issues or complications may be experienced or noticed.

02. How Do I Detect a Bad/Failed Radiator?

When the radiator becomes old, damaged, or failed. One of the top signs/symptoms the vehicle owner will notice or experience is overheating due to a compromised cooling system.

At this stage, the engine won’t be able to sustain a stable temperature, becoming extremely hot.

Other issues or difficulties that could arise from a failed radiator include shifting difficulty, clogged exterior fins, and the heaters not functioning efficiently.

03. What Causes The Radiator To Become Clogged?

Except there is a plastic-made radiator installed on your Jeep. The radiator is expected to get clogged due to rust accumulation after a while.

Whenever the radiator becomes clogged, this restricts or hinders adequate movement/flow of coolant across the engine, which may lower heat reduction during extreme conditions.

04. How Long Can a Radiator Last Before a Replacement May be Considered?

The lifespan is dependent on the user’s driving pattern, maintenance approach, and the radiator’s quality.

A solid and well-maintained radiator can last between 80K and 100K miles (on average).

However, some designs can remain active throughout the vehicle’s lifespan, provided adequate/consistent maintenance.

Whenever the vehicle starts showing any of the signs/symptoms of a failed radiator we have mentioned earlier, do not hesitate to get it replaced as soon as possible.


While looking for the best replacement radiator for Jeep JK, do not hastily pick up any design without understanding its qualities or performance upgrades.

We have listed several options that Jeep JK/TG/XJ owners can pick from for improved engine cooling efficiency. These options spread across various driving needs, patterns, and budgets.

Go over the buying considerations to know the crucial tips and tricks that can be integrated into your purchase plan.

Buyers can also speak to a professional mechanic about their replacement/upgrade needs for proper guidance.

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