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Top 8 Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK in 2022 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Lift kits are an expressive license to elevate your favorite SUVs or pickup trucks, not to mention it is the most sought-after aftermarket equipment for the specific types of vehicles mentioned.

When it comes to your Jeep JKs, a good lift kit will serve you all the advantages of elevating an SUV.

Propagation of your Jeep at challenging angles and the rough road won’t seem like a problem anymore.

In simple terms, rough terrains will become your territory!

Since a lift-kit will make your vehicle function to certain degrees from the ground level, you can always go for more comprehensive and more extensive wheels; hence the term ‘ground clearance’ is served.

Today, we’ll praise lift kits and suggest some good stuff for your Jeep JK.

We’ll discuss product reviews let you decide, eventually, make you feel like a lift kit doctor!

One thing that can’t be left unmentioned is certain heights for lift kits.

However, for Jeep JKs, the 2.5″ ones work best because the vehicle itself is a big one, and that height is just perfect for the raggedy roads. Consequently, this is all about 2.5-inch lift kits.

The Table Top Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK in 2022

Rough CountryFits: 2007-2018Rear, Front
MOTOFABFits: 2007-2018Rear, Front
Rough CountryFits: 2007-2018Rear, Front
Supreme SuspensionsFits: 2007-2018Rear, Front
4WSCOMFits: 2007-2016Rear, Front
BylotFits: 2007-2018Rear
TeraFlexFits: 2012+Rear
SUPERLIFTFits: 2018-2022Rear, Front

What is The Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK?

Rough Country’s the name you are looking for! First off, it is a 2.5-inch lift.

Like a good lift kit, it has strut spacers to clear off more space for the lift and create more space for the bigger wheels. The fitment is also given enough precision, so hells don’t break loose!

Since one primary purpose of lift kits is that they should avail trucks or jeeps to run the trails smoothly, to serve that purpose, the equipment is powder-coated to function seamlessly.

Why is Rough Country The Best 2.5 Lift Kit Brand For Jeep JK?

Let’s find out why this brand is one of the popular choices in terms of lift kits amongst the drivers of Jeep JK. Here are some reasons why.

But one thing must be mentioned even before we start talking about it; well, these kits work best for off-road commutes and deliver excellent performance for on-road drives.

The kit also comes with spacers, sway bar links, extenders, basically anything that will make your commute as smooth as possible.

The material of these components is top-notch quality as well, so they don’t wear off even after a considerable time.

8 Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK Reviews

Here we introduce eight super popular products among lift kit users worldwide. Including brands like Rough Country, we have also introduced brands like MotoFab, Bylot, etc.

All of them have an elevation availability of 2.5 inches. We suggest that you carefully look at these products’ pros, cons, and specs and make a wise decision.

We would also request to keep in mind that after installing kits the vehicle is bound to bounce, and a smooth brake might be hard to achieve sometimes, which is a common problem only when you don’t know which lift kits to use for your car.

01. Rough Country – Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK 2 Door



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler
  • Components: coil spring spacers
  • Position: borderline
  • Lift type: suspension
  • Manufacturer part number: 635

This brand promises to deliver the best off-ground clearance when you’re hitting the rough edges and maintain that smooth consistency until 1000 miles.

But after you’ve reached that milestone, be sure to check the fits every 1000 miles.

With the relocation brackets, shaft lifts, and everything, you can avail your Jeep JK of bigger tires; consequently, the aesthetic of your vehicle will be elevated too!

Almost little to no reaction even after extreme articulation; these lifts know how to keep their cool!


  • The lifts allow a maximum wheel size of 35″, which is plenty of space to fit in big wheels. The installation process also takes a few hours which is convenient
  • The minimalist sway bars and other brackets don’t kill extra space
  • The fitment is spot-on; none reported a modification with the fits


  • Because of the increased height, sudden brakes can be a bit wobbly, so arm extensions/brackets are needed post-purchasing installment
  • The instruction manual is detailed but doesn’t contain the required tool list. So, make sure you watch the right YouTube tutorials or simply ask the manufacturer

02. MotoFab – Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler JK



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler
  • Features: Front and rear shock extensions
  • Position: Front (2.5″) and rear (2.0″)
  • Lift type: suspension

MotoFab offers the perfect lift kit with the detailed instruction guide, spacers, extenders, brackets, and not to mention, top-quality hardware.

The build of all the components is firm and rigid with a black powdery finish and stainless steel.


  • Delivers good performance on the daily road uses
  • The full-on given hardware set saves time, energy, and money


  • Even though the instructions were detailed enough, some claimed that pictures would be less vague
  • Minor dive was spotted on the front side after installation, but that’s for a tiny percentage of consumers

03. Rough Country – Best 2.5’’ Lift Kit For Jeep JK



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler 4WD
  • Position: driveline
  • Lift type: suspension
  • Manufacturer part number: 656

As Rough Country’s reputation precedes itself, the quality is also superior for this product.

The difference we will spot with the Rough Country product is a different position and some other hardware.

This brand will fulfill customer satisfaction with the three Ps-performance, perfection, and precision with the new look and height.


  • Grear for a new taste for aesthetics and a nice change in functionality
  • Affordable price range
  • The material is good quality, so it doesn’t wear off quickly or get loose from the bolts


  • Mark drops for precision! All the necessary hardware was included, yes. But not all of them had spot-on measurements

04. Supreme Suspensions



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler 2WD 4WD
  • Features: pro pack that includes hardware and tools
  • Position: Front and rear; both 2.5″
  • Lift type: suspension

This brand gives a non-bumpy off-road riding experience and contributes to the look everyone aspires after for their Jeep JK Wrangler.

The hardware is made of carbon steel to ensure maximum strength to go through all those bumps and rocks.

The build also ensures to tuck in more giant rims and trims. Thanks to engineering, one good thing about adding lifts is adding more capacity to the weightage.


  • The well-made shock extenders make things easier for the shock absorbers and make rides seamless
  • The ‘bolt-on’ kit will make your work at least one hour less than trying out other brands. The installation will take 3 hours max, and special tools are unnecessary
  • No issues with fitment were found


  • You might not find the functions of front brake line relocation mounts as perfect as you’d want them to be

05. 4WSCOM



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: Jeep JK Wrangler
  • Features: coil spacer suspension
  • Position: Front and rear
  • Lift type: suspension

The type of material that has been used on the hardware available in this kit is polyurethane. It is an organic material, namely a polymer.

A little bit of chemistry here, polymer molecules are best known for their bonds-so the object made out of this is bound to be solid and rigid.

Everything works well with the help of these lifts, but the brand has pointed out a note of suggestion here.

It is highly recommended that you use compression tools while adjusting the coils and the spacers.

YouTube videos might lead you differently, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  • Affordable price; setup takes only 4 hours if you know the correct procedure
  • Some even said that the spacers were enough to make the lifts do their magic, and the brackets were just extra


  • This product hardly breaks any promises, but few customers were just misfortunate to find products from a bad manufactured tch

06. Bylot – Best 2.5 Lift For JK Unlimited



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler 4WD
  • Position: rear
  • Lift type: suspension

This kit is packed with all necessary lifting equipment, including coil spring spacers, brackets for brakes and shocks, also swing links.

So you don’t have to worry about a thing when you feel that the shafts have let loose.

The lifts follow the spring design, providing more flexibility and durability during different joint fidgetings.


  • The instruction manual here is praiseworthy. They mention the tools, obviously, but the size is enlisted
  • The kit also includes stabilizer links for the position mentioned to be used as a budget replacement


  • Even though there are detailed steps and necessary parts, some of the components are not labeled. Even if they come in almost the exact sizes, measurement is critical, mainly when you elevate your vehicle a few inches

So, it is advisable to keep that measurement handy if this product is your final choice.

07. TeraFlex



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler
  • Components: coil spring spacers
  • Position: rear
  • Lift type: suspension

The brand takes an oath to keep the comfortable driving experience that comes by default with vehicle setups with the lifts.

Not only that, shock extensions and shock absorbers both are available in this kit.

So, you don’t have to worry about making a high jump when you face a bump on the roads.

Additionally, the ‘suspension geometry’ is given full attention, so nothing extra is required.

However, exhaust spacers might be needed for some models; best to contact the manufacturer.


  • After using this lift kit, users have mentioned their rides as ‘stable.’ So, no more dipping and swinging
  • The significance of ‘stance’ or ‘aggressive fitment’ is proved using these


  • Some have had issues with the product becoming rusty after one year of usage

08. Superlift 5803



Highlighted Features

  • Compatibility: 2018-2022 Jeep JK Wrangler
  • Components: coil spring spacers
  • Position: rear and front
  • Lift type: suspension

Shock and stance are the two main features focused on this kit. Fitment is also given priority.

The most important thing is that this is a budget-friendly brand.

Many customizations, including height adjustments and choosing between different sway bar links, provide much convenience.

The installation will be a DIY breeze as the manual is pretty beginner-friendly.


  • Some notions using lift kits might snatch some control from you over the vehicle; well, you will have stability control with this vehicle
  • The components are small and minimalistic, so less strain on space


  • Some complained that their lift kits didn’t last as long as expected. It’s applicable only for those models of Wrangler where some of the pieces were exposed to continuous friction

And with this product being discussed, we have finally come to the end of product reviews. Phew!

The Buying Considerations of Best 2.5 Lift Kit For Jeep JK

When you first go on a shopping spree for lift kits, you need to consider some things.

And these might seem minutiae at first glance, but the devil is in the details. Let’s have a quick look!

01. Serving The Purpose

A lift will work best for both off-roaders and on-roaders.

But the primary purpose for using lift kits is keeping the trails neat and ensuring clearance.

And as for the installation processes, if you are an expert mechanic, don’t worry about it because the manual will assist you.

But if you are a bit wobbly on this side, it’s best you use some extra hands.

The last note to make on this point is the changes you will face after the installation.

Yes, your Jeep JK will vibrate because of the modified gravitational factors caused by levitation (2.5 inches); hence your vehicle might get cranky at times!

02. Extra New Installations

This is yet another matter to be taken into account regarding the changes your Jeep JK will face.

The term ‘geometrical measurements’ will also be affected by those modifications.

The skeleton of any automobile relies on the radiator, shifter, and all the internal things.

So, look out for extensions wherever you need a bit wonky.

03. Budget

Yes, a lift kit will make you use some other components.

As a precaution, it’s safer to keep your budget ready, considering the lift kit itself as well as the extras.

The Type of Lifts

There is plenty of room for the Jeep JK for lifting and achieving that edgy look.

Well, it’s not just about looks, but different types of kits make things more interesting.

The main two types are suspension lifts and body lifts.

A body lift raises the vehicle’s height, whereas the suspension lift provides changes in the suspension part of the vehicle.

A suspension lift is favorable to off-roaders as it can ensure ground clearance.

Below is a brief description for more clarity.

a) Body Lifts

Installing body lifts is a less worrying process compared to the latter one.

Besides just changing height, it will not contribute to other things such as improved ground clearance, classiness to the vehicle (visually), or even modification of riding experience.

Body lifts do an excellent job when you plan to install new wheels.

b) Suspension Lifts

There are a lot of sub-categories under suspension lifts, based on where the lifts will be placed and what type of work they are going to do.

This bit has been described in a detailed way in the next section, so make sure to keep an eye on that!

Suspension lifts do way more work than body lifts. Starting from ground clearance to giving your Jeep JK that ‘look,’ suspension lifts will do it all.

The installation is also a bit on the trickier side; you might even need professional help. Another thing with these different types of kits is the price.

Body lifts are cheaper than suspension lifts, but suspension lifts last a tad longer and save much money in the future.

There are a few little things to remember, but these are crucial points to keep in mind. We recommend fixing your purpose first and then approaching a purchase.

Installation Process

For those who are wondering what are the steps towards a drastic change in your SUVs, we have cultivated an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide!

But before you do, we need you to understand the different types of lift kits.

The main two types are body lifts and suspension lifts, but the latter one is a parent of many other types.

The table below will give you a better understanding of lift kits; their functions and then we will go through the guide.

Types of Lifts What Does it Do
Body lift Enhances the look of vehicle, creates more room for the base and the body of the SUV; not for off-roaders.
Coil lift Adding long coil springs will increase the stance and articulation; number one choice for off-roaders.
Coil spring spacers Similar with the body lift. Added on top of coil springs so makes space between the body frame and coils as the name suggests. Also, you could use some big tires if you want.
Budget boost Works just like coil spring spacers. Like a normal body lift, it provides an elegant look to the SUV and avails the customers to add extensions as needed.
Long and short arm lift Long arm lift kits cater to better suspension geometry as well as contribute to the ‘crawling’ of the Jeep. On the other hand, short arm lift kits is a perfect suspension lifting option with both the front and rear arms being stretched.

Now, for the field work part! Note that, based on the type of lifts, you will need to remove or replace various components such as track bars or even brake lines; it’s recommended you follow the manual to the T because what we are providing here is just a generalized process.

Step 1: Decide

This is a crucial step because this is the part where you should spend most of your time on.

First, choose what type of lifting do you need for your Jeep JK, and the order the product and then get to work.

Step 2: Get The Jack Stand

To help you get up to scratch, jeep lift kits provide an instruction booklet. To begin, you’ll always need to use a solid jack stand to hold the vehicle up.

Make sure the jacks are securely fastened to the car. To guarantee that the drill works as intended, you might add additional support.

Step 3: Get Rid of The Rims

So that you can mount the kits, you’ll need to remove the wheels and tires from your vehicle first.

As you operate on it, make sure the car is properly supported on the jacks.

And yes, we can’t say that enough! Securing the jack is the most important part.

Step 4: Get Rid of Shocks and Springs

in this step, you need to make some decisions!

If you decide on installing coil spacers, you need to get rid of both front and rear shock absorbers and springs to create space for the spacers.

Step 5: Install The New Kit

After you have made necessary removals, insert the lifts.

Make sure you screw back everything nice and tightly; and then move on to the next step.

Step 6: Test Run

The fits and all being ensured, it’s time for a test drive. Get rid of the jack now and get to the steering wheel.

Make your SUV turn and twist as much as you can to see if it runs seamlessly.

If you see there are some constraints pulling back, take a look at the setup again.

When it’s all done, there is one more step to be concerned about. The tires.

Get new if you planned accordingly, and then look after the alignment.

And then my friends, your Jeep JK should be ready with the new elevated property.


Since this is an aftermarket installation thingy, it is optional whether you should buy it based on your purposes.

But we would recommend at least having a go with it because the number of benefits it will bring you is immense!

Well, these bad boys may seem just like chunks of metals, but getting them working with the Jeep JK and aligned at the same time might break some sweat! (If you don’t know the proper method)

Don’t worry, and we had a thorough search on YouTube to handpick some of the most straightforward installation procedures and some honest product reviews.

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